Monday, January 31, 2011

Part 3 - Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jog

So, there we were, back at home...we rested and recuperated from all our holiday adventures.

Experimented with stickers as a fashion statement...

And one night as we were chillin' (aka...mommy was exhausted) and watching a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (sometimes TV is your friend) in preparation for our big 3 year old shindig (my goodness, I have so much to do!) in a few days, I noticed that little dude was getting a bit shaggy around the edges.

Now, trying to get a clear photo of the shaggy "before" is like trying to stop a hurricane... impossible. Rad-man simply cannot hold still. And if he notices me trying to take a picture...well, it just gets worse. These are only a few of what had to be dozens of attempts to capture the cute rag-a-muffin doo that he was sporting.


But finally success.

See that little bit on top long enough for a ponytail? was time to go.

And though I so would miss that curl at the nape of his little soft kissable neck, I decided it was time. So the next day we loaded up and headed out for some grooming...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Part 2 - New Years - Mega catch up post

So, we left off here..

And really I have no idea how that happened or exactly what happened, but I know that my boys love all the attention and it was worthy of a picture. But on a normal day he wanders the world looking more like blasted handsome, I can hardly stand it...

New Year's saw lots of this sort of activity...

And lots of this

And these crazy girls tearing up the Texas wilderness on our new acquisition...

A rockin' totally tricked out jacked up camo painted golf cart with built in deer feeder, gun holders and all terrain tires. It rocks. It can hold practically the whole crew. And it makes some wonderful memories...

And the rest is just a fuzzy collection of fun, love, dirt, bb guns and togetherness...


And we brought in 2011 well before midnight...I think we were all in bed by 11, which is quite all right by me. You see, currently a good beginning to the new year is a full nights sleep. But not before sparklers for my little fireworks...


And we were excited for the new year and all the new adventures it holds for our little family and our really big village. Bring it on! We are so ready...

Next up....back to catch up on our life at home...for a few days...where phrases like "Don't sit on your brother!" are part of our everyday routine...see???

Mega Catch up Post - loooooong... Part 1 Christmas I never intended to take a blog hiatus, but the last six weeks have been seriously out of control. In that time, we have had Christmas in San Antonio, New Years in Junction, came home, went back to Texas for lovely Beaux's birthday, went to Disneyland and finally have crashed into home in time to plan my precious baby's 3rd birthday celebration of life this weekend. In between, we worked, visited with friends, spent time loving on each other and all in all at the end of the day I just couldn't get it together.

As such, I have forced myself tonight to take a break from all the unfinished party planning and prepping to finally sit down and try to document the last few weeks before we get into the wonderful celebration of my little dude this weekend. (and hopefully back to regular updates).

And so it begins with LOTS and LOTS of photos....

Christmas had us in the great state of Texas where Mack got into the spirit...

And Radley tried to wrap himself up (with the help of cousin Ashton) as the best Christmas present EVER!!!

Cookies were put out for Santa...

and Christmas morning was magic with 9 stockings overflowing with love and magic...

The boys quickly got into the hang of the unwrapping portion of the morning...

Lots of playing and love filled our days...

And lots of things like this that made me laugh...

And on that note, my eyes are crossing. I will pick back up with New Years onward tomorrow. Here is a preview...DSC_0696.jpg
Oh was a party....Time to dream of mouse ears and hot glue guns...