Saturday, January 31, 2009

Polar Bear Plunge

Well, it had to happen sooner or later, I guess. You can file this one under the parental heading of "Why Not?". You and I were enjoying an afternoon in the backyard when you developed a very serious interest in the fountain that we have been sitting by since you were born.

Now, I must admit, my first instinct was to say "no" and distract you with something else and keep you out. But in the back of my mind, I heard myself saying "why not?". Since no good answer came to me at the moment...I let you go ahead and explore to your hearts content. I was certain once you touched the cold water you would be done and I was standing by to save you....I could not have been more wrong.

Before I knew it, you, my child, who hated every baby pool I put you in last summer and any water colder than your warmer than warm bathwater was scaling the levels of the fountain and rearranging my expensively placed rocks as you went. You were very very focused and "on task". was 80˚ outside on this unusually balmy day in January in Southern California and granted the water level of the fountain was on the low side with no "pool" at the bottom"...but that water was darn cold - I checked. You did not even flinch other than to look at me to see if I was going to stop your plan as you made your first steps into the wet zone. You was a man on a mission to get to the top and it was fascinating to watch you . You showed me many rocks and twigs that you discovered along the way and obviously found fascinating...

You did a pretty good job of staying mostly dry...butt and arms exluded...

Because you see, there was much splashing...

And detailed investigation of rocks of all shapes and sizes...

Soon the rock exploration turned to taste...

That experiment was soon over, but at that point, I figured you had worked up quite an appetite and were probably ready for lunch as the climb to the top took approx 30 minutes...and we had already been outside for quite some time.

So a few more pics and we headed inside to dry off and have some lunch. You had so much to tell me after we went inside and I think you really enjoyed that little excursion. I know I did and I think I also learned to ask myself "why not?" a bit more often. I had fun...I hope you did too...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Babywatch 2008 - Weekend Musings...

As originally written on January 29, 2008::::::
(Warning: There is no baby at the end of this email. Didn't want to
disappoint anyone, but you probably assumed that anyway)

Things I did not do this weekend:

1. Have a baby.

Now that that is out of the way - here is the latest update from the doctor:

Latest baby test shows he is still splashing around with plenty of fluid and measuring 6 lbs 11 oz....this is FABULOUS news! After being told he would not likely move UP the chart he made a HUGE jump to the 19th percentile from last measurement of the 9th percentile!!! I am very excited about this...and so are my doctors.....whatever we did the last 2 weeks has worked...Jennifer thinks it was all the IV could have been the healthy fats (I have indulged in an avocado a day - YUM)....whatever it is....he is GOLDEN now!!! His size is perfect....whenever he is ready....I am ready....I think. All other concerns are in check and looking good as well. We have a final test on Thursday and then the final push to Monday's deadline...

So with the clock ticking down to D-Day and a ever mounting lack of sleep due to my discomfort...It is a bit surreal to think about the fact that it's actually about to be February 4. I remember vividly the moment in July when my doctor told me this official due date for the first time. "February 4?" I thought. "2008?".... "That is forever and ever." And in a way, it seems like THAT moment was an eternity ago. So by comparison, whatever amount of time stands between me and Baby T's birth is small. It doesn't feel small today - particularly in my bladder/groin/pelvis/hip joints. But I know intellectually it is.

Currently, my nights are spent tossing and turning in extremely achy discomfort alternating with hourly trips to pee. All the books tell you "If you're preparing for labor, try to get some rest, because you're going to need it." But it turns out to be pretty much impossible to go to sleep if you think you might be about to have a baby or some such life-changing event. And everytime you move it hurts - alot - or releases enough bladder pressure to make you have to "go" again. It is nice of the little guy to be so considerate as to help me avoid the dangers of a full nights sleep. I am sure this will be a trend that will continue upon his arrival. He is a giver...

I am a bit in fear the next induction attempt will also not work. I am jaded after our unsuccessful 2 previous Baby Fire Drills. I want to believe it will work, but I do have severe doubts. I lay awake and wish he would come on his own. I am trying to coax him out....I even talked to him about all the interesting things and people he has to look forward to out here. ("Look! A nursery! A stroller! Friends! Toys! Disney World! Come out!") But he remains uninterested. I try power waddling as best I can when I have the energy - all this has gotten me is super sore from the waist down and extremely swollen feet.

So I wait....Feb 4....6 more sleeps...


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Babywatch 2008 - Medical Mystery

Hello all.....

Well, believe it or I sit at home....planning my lifetime of gestation - no baby in sight. I did not have a single contraction all day....

Baby T is not exhibiting any indication of wanting to join the world in which we reside...he is very much enjoying his alone time in his water world and no amount of medically induced prodding is convincing him otherwise. After another 10 hours of Pitocin maxed out at the most any doctor would ever give....I had absolutely NO reaction. No pain...maybe some slight tightening but zip, nada, nothing.....zilch.

For the record, most women max out between 8-12 and beg for mercy....I have been to 20 three times.....and zippo.....

Jennifer, however, has an infected taste bud and we have determined that she is actually in more pain than I have even thought about being in during this entire process. Please send her your prayers for a speedy recovery.

It did take them 5 tries to get in my IV, so that should garner some sympathy somewhere. Yeah....I know....not really...but this is really exhausting. The thought of labor no longer scares me and I am really starting to believe it is a myth. I asked my doctor if it was medically possible to not be able to go into labor and am a bit dubious as she, an upbeat petite woman, who I could crush like a bug at my current weight, perkily answers "No". I am huge, hot, need to pee every 10 minutes, cranky, and all around "over it"

So we have a new plan......he has 10 days to come on his own terms and on his own schedule and then we are going to one final time try this pitocin stuff that has induced millions of women around the world, but does not work for me. If he fails to respond then he will be forcibly removed from the premises on 02/04/08 - Pop Pop's 100th birthday....seems like a good choice. I will continue to be monitored every 3 days and if he shows any signs of distress we will move to get him out right away no matter what the date. Ultimately the goal is him to be healthy and here.

If you continue to read these updates, thank you!! If you put me on permanent ignore, I would completely understand.....I am absolutely flabbergasted at what has transpired in the last week. I feel like the girl who cried wolf....Jennifer says it is good she is here as she would not believe any of this if she had not seen it with her own eyes. The nurses still love us. I think we are going to be declared the new maternity ward mascot. I am giving them stories of things that they have never seen in their 20 years of nursing.....I am now a Tarzana Hospital legend....I am not sure how I feel about that.

Love to you all....another update coming sometime in the future.....I have no idea when.....ugh...


Babywatch 2008 - My Mulligan...

Or Do over....

Or Once more unto the breach!!!

I feel like I am in Groundhog's Day - The Movie....a unshakable sense
of de ja vu since waking this morning.....other than now we are
dealing with torrential rains as we journey forward...


7:00am - we are on our way to the hospital....please send all
contraction vibes and prayers as we try again to get baby T to join
the world.

We will keep you posted.

M's breakfast choice was plain yogurt and a bit of fruit...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Babywatch 2008 - Monday Doctor Report

Hi again,

I never dreamed when I started these emails last Thursday that I would still be pregnant....but never-the-less, here I am. Waiting....I've gotten really good at that by the way.

Anyway, here is the following report from the Ultrasound this morning with facts about my baby who is still showing no interest in entering the world....

- He has plenty of fluid in the water world in which he is most content that he will not leave (thank you Elizabeth for the Under the Sea references!....LOL)

- His abdomen is growing well and on the curve, but is still small for gestational age, but as long as it is growing, then we are not so worried about that any more.

- His heart test/heart rate is perfect as all previous ones have been. He is showing no signs of stress. He looked very cute. It is a shame he is never coming out.

- He is incredibly low in the cervix....that was NOT news to me as I currently feel like there is a watermelon between my legs.

- Cord is not wrapped around his neck preventing him from descending, so that rules out that excuse....he is just 6lbs (or there abouts) of kick butt stubborn....I am not sure of the ramifications of that on future personality...though I am a bit scared of what it implies...

- Doctor wished me luck for our next attempt on Friday....he is going on vacation to Hawaii for the next 3 weeks (great....) and thought I would be done by Saturday....I rolled my eyes and advised him to not make promises. Call me a labor atheist. I am beginning to become a bit jaded at predictions. I really don't believe any of them now.

Over the weekend I have tried everything I could think of to encourage his arrival....

2 reflexology appointments (1 therapist predicted the baby would come today - so far, NOT), lots of walking/retail therapy, warm baths/showers, salad dressing from a local restaurant legendary for its labor inducing qualities (I even chugged a couple extra ounces), evening primrose oil....all to no avail.

I have to call my doctor tomorrow to go through a few questions that I now have now that I am over the shock of leaving the hospital terminally pregnant. I am sitting around trying to come up with stuff to keep me busy as all my plans had this stubborn little bug here by now. Instead I am messing up the clean house I had ready for him to come home to. Oh well...

Anyway, I will update as conditions or information warrants, but I am expecting to pretty much be sitting here until Friday when we go again to serve an eviction notice via the (not guaranteed) miracles of modern medicine....

Tomorrow is a full moon...I think there is something about that helping to kickstart labor???

I think I'll go take another bath....maybe it will work

Love to you all and keep the good thoughts coming....Ill let you know when I am next off to the hospital....


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Babywatch 2008 - Remember that time we were going to have a baby?

Continuing the revisit of Babywatch 2008 and the arrival of my Little Man nearly 1 year ago the story continues....we have just failed TWO, yes TWO inductions and one overnight stay in a very uncomfortable bed at the hospital and have no baby to show for it. For those of you googling failed induction as I did when I got can happen....more than once...heck...more than twice!

However, this superfun little girl next to Maverick was almost Mack's birthday buddy...had he cooperated. This shows you what a child looks like who did as she was supposed to and WAS cooperative and WAS born on the 18th. As it turns out she was born in the room right next door to the room I was in in the same hospital. We shared a doula who went back and forth between our rooms. We did not meet her or her parents until much later and figured out we were hospital neighbors - you can hum It's a Small World now...I do remember hearing her first cry. I think I said something snarky about my baby at the time...LOL. Currently she is a wonderfully fun member of our Friday baby group and we adore her and her fun spirit. So Happy Birthday Miss Tallulah! Maverick and I dig ya!

Now, back to the Babywatch updates from sit back, relax and enjoy...

Hello all....Michelle here....just me....Michelle

Having just returned from my "Congratulations, you're NOT having a baby 2 day hospital stay", I have a news flash for you: Baby T has apparently decided that he is completely uninterested in being born. Despite 2 rounds of Pitocin and 1 round of Cervadil which is supposed to force my body into expelling this little guy, this kid is just
hanging out, laughing at us all. He is not going anywere....It is as if he is saying..."What? You think all these drugs are bothering me? I can wait in here forever, lady." And I am starting to think he just least he is planning on it for the forseeable near future.

I am also starting to question the bed rest as it now appears that there is not much I could do that would dislodge him from his roost....this baby that is never coming out.
I am sore and achy from all they tried to do to force the issue, I only cried twice - once from pain, once from disappointment at the end, but I am ok. Jennifer is taking fantastic care of me and all the nurses at the hospital wanted to be our nurse and as much as possible we had a very joyous, laughter-filled "almost" baby day.

So given these latest developments, we've formulated a plan with my doctor, and here it is: If this baby does not make his appearance sometime this weekend, then on Monday, we will go to another Dr appt for an ultrasound/biophysical profile to make sure he is still happy and safe in the little water world he refuses to leave. If there's a
problem, his birthday will get moved up. If not, we wait. If we make it through that, then at 7:30am next Friday, January 25 we will attempt to yet again forcibly evict him via the use of cervadil/pitocin.

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes and please keep them coming. I am going to need all I can get. It wasnt was very dissapointing...nothing like what I expected, nor was I ever warned that this could ever have happened....but healthy, happy, safe and strong is all I am looking for, so I will wait as long as that takes for him to decide to join me. I will give more details on the whole deal when I finally get to write the story of his birth, but for now....this is all I got. More to come.....

Love to you all...


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Babywatch 2008 - Aunt Jen update

The following was the report back on Induction #1....

OK, so little bean has decided to exercise his "squatters rights". Due to his stubborn nature, we will serve him with additional eviction proceedings tomorrow.....But in all seriousness, the Dr. has decided it would be better to let Michelle rest tonight and start this process again in the morning. She is doing great, she is not in any pain, and as the nurses say, "they all want to be her nurse because we are having way too much fun in our room" Lots of the point of tears. However I am including a picture to let you know how Michelle feels about waiting til tomorrow to meet her little guy. We will update you all tomorrow.

Love Jen.

Babywatch 2008 - Morning report

News::: 7:00am - we are headed to the hospital - That is all for now!
Stay tuned!

PS - I went with a plain bagel toasted with a bit of peanut butter....


Friday, January 16, 2009

Babywatch 2008 - T-12 Hours...

T-12 Hours....also titled....

How Are You Supposed to Choose That???? (but more on that later)

So T-12 hours to start the proceedings to forcibly evict my little man. This is not my first choice of how he would enter the world, but people who know much more than me about birthing babies say it is time. So I am at peace with that decision. Ultimately I dont really care so much the "how" as long as I end up with a happy healthy baby at the end of all this.

Jennifer has arrived and put together some final baby devices to make his life happier and to help him sleep better (or so the boxes promise). Today was spent buying a bookshelf for the nursery, final washing of clothes/sheets, packing my bags, tidy-ing up around the house, etc...bed rest was a bit of a thing of the past as I figured the worst that would happen is I would show up a few hours early to the hospital if contractions started.

I checked in with my OB and my doula for the plans for tomorrow and we are all good to go. My parting words from my OB were to make sure I "eat something" in the morning....excuse me? say what??? this is where it stopped me short. Eat? In the morning? Before said medical procedure/forced eviction?

I assumed as with most medical procedures, you dont eat! Jennifer was told not to eat from midnight the night before her induction....Jennifer laughed when I told her this as she warned me I would probably puke it all back now the question begs... If you had to choose to eat something that you know you have a high probability of seeing/revisiting again....what would it be? You see, for me, if said food is revisited, that item is usually ruined forever
and removed from my diet for all eternity.....I have been pondering this latest assignment from my OB and I still have not quite figured that out....file this under things that make you say "hmmmmmmm...". I'll have to get back to you on this.

So, now, to finish up with the packing and try to not be too anxious and get some sort sleep tonight....tomorrow is going to be a big, eventful day....I can't believe he is almost here...


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Babywatch 2008 Revisited

Originally sent Jan 15, 2008...the beginning of the story of Maverick's fun to read back one year ago today...

OK we go...

Since Christmas I have had several steps forward and backward and the OB has decided that Baby Boy Travinski has cooked long enough....he is coming soon!

This is the first of I hope several emails to keep you all updated as I go through the next few days...and the exciting arrival of my baby boy (yes, the name is still TBD)

I am scheduled to go in for an induction on Thursday morning, Jan 17 at Tarzana Regional Medical Center, Tarzana, CA, at 7:30am LA time and start the proceedings...whatever those are.

He is still a small one at this stage, but by all appearances and ultrasounds healthy and continuing to grow - I am hoping for at least 6lbs at birth.

I have been put on a diet of healthy high fat for a few days (nuts, eggs, avocado, etc) to try to get as much weight on him (and sadly by proxy, I am sure on me as well) as I can in these intervening days. It is pretty rough to be prescribed a tub of guacamole for lunch- NOT! I will find a way to muddle through....

On other news, my bladder is the size of a thimble, my sleep pattern is about 45min to 1hr tops without having to empty said thimble....and reflux/indigestion is alive and well along with my swollen carpal tunnel hands and swollen feet....all in all...a normal full term pregnant woman waiting to have a baby with a blessed end in sight.

I am a bit anxious, though excited...Mom left today after caring for me for the past week and doing my laundry and dishes since I have been put on bedrest these final days. Jennifer arrives tomorrow to be by my side during this amazing time. Mom will be back out in about 10 days and then my dad is taking the shift after that. It is very nice to be loved so much and have so many of you caring for me and the new little bug.

I will keep you posted over the next few days as conditions or my own insane thoughts warrant.

More to come....


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Holiday "leftovers"

So the combined fact that we were sick over Thanksgiving, had a super-extended trip for the holidays and saw many new people has resulted in quite a few leftover photographs that were stories that either did not get blogged or did not make the monthly newsletter cut. So, here are all the "leftovers" that still deserve sharing...simply because I like them. Starting tomorrow, I will be reposting my Babywatch 2008 emails sharing the story of Maverick's birth. I look forward to reliving it myself. I haven't looked back at those until will be interesting to see how those weeks were documented with this 1 year hindsight...enjoy all! is a better look at that piece of pizza you temporarily relocated to the top of your head. You thought you were very funny. And so did your cousins...

And then of course the obligatory holiday costume photos. It is truly a shame these never made it to a blog entry...they were so fun and I know my opportunties for dressing you up in silly outfits like this is very limited....

Santa did not like this and basically refused to stand up...

And my own little TURKEY!!!! It is such a shame you were feeling so puny on Thanksgiving...

Then we have other Christmas ones. Your first Christmas was so fun...

Some special Uncle Z love...

And other ones from around the house...

Ashton pinned you in a loved it!

Playing with your cousins at the park:

You are very good on the monkey bars! You did not want to let go!

A few more from the ranch:
Practicing your walking...

You loved playing the piano!

Mr Chip!...

They even had a baby swing!

And more on safari...we saw zebras, cows and was fun.

OK...moving on!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dear Mack - Month Eleven

Dear Maverick,

This first photo below in this month's newsletter should really include a little cartoon bubble coming out of your mouth with the words "I am Baby Mack, hear me roar!"

Never mind the piece of pizza you somehow managed to place on your head before you did this...You really have turned into quite a chatterbox this past month, and have discovered that your voice has the capability of getting attention. And you love attention. If we are at a restaurant, grocery store or other public place, and the people at the next table are engrossed in their own conversation, you seem to take it as a personal challenge to your cuteness, and begin waging a campaign of saying "hi", smiling, waving and shameless flirting to get them to pay attention to you. It generally works, and then we too get to enjoy conversation with total strangers while we eat or try to go about my daily business. Thank you for that.

At 11 months, you do so many new things so quickly that it's getting hard to keep track. We are working on blowing kisses. You wave. You give kisses and hugs. You laugh when you find something new and interesting in your travels across the floors ... not a big laugh, just a private little chuckle to yourself. You dance when you hear music from anywhere...including television commercials, clanging of silverware in the drawer, your toys and anything that sounds remotely like music. When you really like someone or are trying to be sweet, you offer them your pacifier. I have to assure you that I don't really need a pacifier right now about three times a day, and you always look at me like "Are you sure?" It's really sweet to see you trying to share.

Although you were a early crawler and are unbelievably FAST crawler...

it is becoming increasingly clear however, that among your peers in our circle of friends, you are clearly going to be the last one to walk. I chalk this up to lack of athletic genes from me. However, at this stage I wish that at least you were starting to show signs of being interested in the process. You DO walk behind your walker, cruise around as long as you have something to hold on to and love to push furniture around, but when it comes time to hold my hand and practice traditional walking you drop like a stone on your bottom right to the floor like a sack of potatoes. I lift you up....and down you go. You really are such an efficient (you even crawl for a significant distance BACKWARDS!) and superfast crawler that I wonder when you will have interest in letting go and standing up unassisted. You are steady enough on your feet that I think you COULD walk...but you simply are not interested. I find myself torn between wanting you to hurry up and learn to walk and hoping that you take your time.

Your interest in new foods continues to grow and while that is a great thing overall, it also means that sometimes in a single meal, you will go through multiple courses.

As your personal chef and waiter, it is my job to keep the food coming. I also make largely futile efforts to keep the food out of your hair, but as you can see from the aftermath of one of your meals, many times I am doing well to keep the food out of my hair.

And of course, the 2-3 times daily baths continue as a result.

We celebrated your first Christmas this month and you were unbelievably fun.

You were again a stellar traveller sleeping both directions on the airplane for most of the way and entertaining our seatmates...actually entertaining anyone within about 3 rows in any direction ....with the above mentioned antics the rest of the time. You met so many new people I lost count as well as an arc-full of new animals including dogs, bunnies, horses, deer, zebra and birds.

I was proud (mostly of myself) that you received what I consider an appropriate amount of gifts, though it would have been so easy to "overdo". I was proud of my restraint. As it was we still had a ginormous box that we had to ship home with all your holiday bounty.

We travelled to Provident City, Texas to ring in the new year with some fun friends and stayed in a hotel that was exactly 100 years old...established in 1909. I found that a very neat fact as we rung in 2009. Allright, we were both asleep by 10:30, but the principle of the occasion was still very neat.

You took to the Texas countryside like a champ...sleeping in an antique crib and mostly going with the flow and for the most part you spent every waking minute there being played with, held, and generally catered to in every way imaginable. As the only baby on the scene, you got an enormous amount of attention.

Basically, the drill during our trip was that you would go down for one of your naps, wake up, be fed, changed and generally attended to in all areas of hygiene by me. Then I would hand you directly into the arms of whatever aunt, uncle, child or friend that was standing there waiting. Then you would have at least one, and, at certain moments, up to five adults, kids or animals gathered around you doing all manner of ridiculous thing to entertain you until you started yawning or fussing or otherwise indicating your desire to take nap. Rinse and repeat. Since we got home, it seems as if you have spent a lot of time sitting in our living room, looking around from side to side. I think you are wondering where your entourage went. Like maybe they are hiding. Here are some of my favorite moments:

We had so much fun and it was such a joy to have friends that have only heard of you and tracked your growth through this blog finally get a chance to get to know you and spend time with you. You even went on your first safari!

It was truly a very special time

However, it was very nice to be home. We both missed our own beds and were exhausted from our extended stay. I missed your bed and that your bed is in a different room from my bed. I missed our life and routine in California and I was glad to be home even thought it means wading through the process of missing the family and friends we don't get to see as often as I would like because we live out here. This is the hard part about living with parts of your heart in 2 places. But I think we are blessed to have two places that feel like home. Some people have none at all.

This month has been trying and challenging in many ways, but you make everything so much better. I love trying to teach you how to do things even if you don't always get it (yet). I love to comfort you when you get hurt or just need some snuggling. I love to celebrate with you when you succeed at something you have really been trying to accomplish. Not only do I enjoy every moment with you, but I so look forward to seeing who you will become. I am astounded I had anything to do with making such a wonderful little person.

I can hardly believe in a few short weeks you will be one year old. (and no, the football does not represent the views of the management...but still a cute pic for fans of those people....)

Where has the time gone?

I love you so very, very much,