Friday, January 16, 2009

Babywatch 2008 - T-12 Hours...

T-12 Hours....also titled....

How Are You Supposed to Choose That???? (but more on that later)

So T-12 hours to start the proceedings to forcibly evict my little man. This is not my first choice of how he would enter the world, but people who know much more than me about birthing babies say it is time. So I am at peace with that decision. Ultimately I dont really care so much the "how" as long as I end up with a happy healthy baby at the end of all this.

Jennifer has arrived and put together some final baby devices to make his life happier and to help him sleep better (or so the boxes promise). Today was spent buying a bookshelf for the nursery, final washing of clothes/sheets, packing my bags, tidy-ing up around the house, etc...bed rest was a bit of a thing of the past as I figured the worst that would happen is I would show up a few hours early to the hospital if contractions started.

I checked in with my OB and my doula for the plans for tomorrow and we are all good to go. My parting words from my OB were to make sure I "eat something" in the morning....excuse me? say what??? this is where it stopped me short. Eat? In the morning? Before said medical procedure/forced eviction?

I assumed as with most medical procedures, you dont eat! Jennifer was told not to eat from midnight the night before her induction....Jennifer laughed when I told her this as she warned me I would probably puke it all back now the question begs... If you had to choose to eat something that you know you have a high probability of seeing/revisiting again....what would it be? You see, for me, if said food is revisited, that item is usually ruined forever
and removed from my diet for all eternity.....I have been pondering this latest assignment from my OB and I still have not quite figured that out....file this under things that make you say "hmmmmmmm...". I'll have to get back to you on this.

So, now, to finish up with the packing and try to not be too anxious and get some sort sleep tonight....tomorrow is going to be a big, eventful day....I can't believe he is almost here...


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