Sunday, January 18, 2009

Babywatch 2008 - Remember that time we were going to have a baby?

Continuing the revisit of Babywatch 2008 and the arrival of my Little Man nearly 1 year ago the story continues....we have just failed TWO, yes TWO inductions and one overnight stay in a very uncomfortable bed at the hospital and have no baby to show for it. For those of you googling failed induction as I did when I got can happen....more than once...heck...more than twice!

However, this superfun little girl next to Maverick was almost Mack's birthday buddy...had he cooperated. This shows you what a child looks like who did as she was supposed to and WAS cooperative and WAS born on the 18th. As it turns out she was born in the room right next door to the room I was in in the same hospital. We shared a doula who went back and forth between our rooms. We did not meet her or her parents until much later and figured out we were hospital neighbors - you can hum It's a Small World now...I do remember hearing her first cry. I think I said something snarky about my baby at the time...LOL. Currently she is a wonderfully fun member of our Friday baby group and we adore her and her fun spirit. So Happy Birthday Miss Tallulah! Maverick and I dig ya!

Now, back to the Babywatch updates from sit back, relax and enjoy...

Hello all....Michelle here....just me....Michelle

Having just returned from my "Congratulations, you're NOT having a baby 2 day hospital stay", I have a news flash for you: Baby T has apparently decided that he is completely uninterested in being born. Despite 2 rounds of Pitocin and 1 round of Cervadil which is supposed to force my body into expelling this little guy, this kid is just
hanging out, laughing at us all. He is not going anywere....It is as if he is saying..."What? You think all these drugs are bothering me? I can wait in here forever, lady." And I am starting to think he just least he is planning on it for the forseeable near future.

I am also starting to question the bed rest as it now appears that there is not much I could do that would dislodge him from his roost....this baby that is never coming out.
I am sore and achy from all they tried to do to force the issue, I only cried twice - once from pain, once from disappointment at the end, but I am ok. Jennifer is taking fantastic care of me and all the nurses at the hospital wanted to be our nurse and as much as possible we had a very joyous, laughter-filled "almost" baby day.

So given these latest developments, we've formulated a plan with my doctor, and here it is: If this baby does not make his appearance sometime this weekend, then on Monday, we will go to another Dr appt for an ultrasound/biophysical profile to make sure he is still happy and safe in the little water world he refuses to leave. If there's a
problem, his birthday will get moved up. If not, we wait. If we make it through that, then at 7:30am next Friday, January 25 we will attempt to yet again forcibly evict him via the use of cervadil/pitocin.

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes and please keep them coming. I am going to need all I can get. It wasnt was very dissapointing...nothing like what I expected, nor was I ever warned that this could ever have happened....but healthy, happy, safe and strong is all I am looking for, so I will wait as long as that takes for him to decide to join me. I will give more details on the whole deal when I finally get to write the story of his birth, but for now....this is all I got. More to come.....

Love to you all...


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