Thursday, January 29, 2009

Babywatch 2008 - Weekend Musings...

As originally written on January 29, 2008::::::
(Warning: There is no baby at the end of this email. Didn't want to
disappoint anyone, but you probably assumed that anyway)

Things I did not do this weekend:

1. Have a baby.

Now that that is out of the way - here is the latest update from the doctor:

Latest baby test shows he is still splashing around with plenty of fluid and measuring 6 lbs 11 oz....this is FABULOUS news! After being told he would not likely move UP the chart he made a HUGE jump to the 19th percentile from last measurement of the 9th percentile!!! I am very excited about this...and so are my doctors.....whatever we did the last 2 weeks has worked...Jennifer thinks it was all the IV could have been the healthy fats (I have indulged in an avocado a day - YUM)....whatever it is....he is GOLDEN now!!! His size is perfect....whenever he is ready....I am ready....I think. All other concerns are in check and looking good as well. We have a final test on Thursday and then the final push to Monday's deadline...

So with the clock ticking down to D-Day and a ever mounting lack of sleep due to my discomfort...It is a bit surreal to think about the fact that it's actually about to be February 4. I remember vividly the moment in July when my doctor told me this official due date for the first time. "February 4?" I thought. "2008?".... "That is forever and ever." And in a way, it seems like THAT moment was an eternity ago. So by comparison, whatever amount of time stands between me and Baby T's birth is small. It doesn't feel small today - particularly in my bladder/groin/pelvis/hip joints. But I know intellectually it is.

Currently, my nights are spent tossing and turning in extremely achy discomfort alternating with hourly trips to pee. All the books tell you "If you're preparing for labor, try to get some rest, because you're going to need it." But it turns out to be pretty much impossible to go to sleep if you think you might be about to have a baby or some such life-changing event. And everytime you move it hurts - alot - or releases enough bladder pressure to make you have to "go" again. It is nice of the little guy to be so considerate as to help me avoid the dangers of a full nights sleep. I am sure this will be a trend that will continue upon his arrival. He is a giver...

I am a bit in fear the next induction attempt will also not work. I am jaded after our unsuccessful 2 previous Baby Fire Drills. I want to believe it will work, but I do have severe doubts. I lay awake and wish he would come on his own. I am trying to coax him out....I even talked to him about all the interesting things and people he has to look forward to out here. ("Look! A nursery! A stroller! Friends! Toys! Disney World! Come out!") But he remains uninterested. I try power waddling as best I can when I have the energy - all this has gotten me is super sore from the waist down and extremely swollen feet.

So I wait....Feb 4....6 more sleeps...


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