Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween & Yo Gabba Gabba

So, a full Halloween day download tomorrow but I had to laugh today as Maverick adopted the song from that so freaky Yo Gabba Gabba as his Halloween day theme song...

"There's a party in my tummy
So yummy, So yummy"

And repeat forever....and when we finally maxed out tonight on waaaaay too much candy freedom, I reminded him of the Yo Gabba Gabba song from their Halloween episode...

"Too much candy's gonna make you sick
Too much candy's gonna make you so sick"

At some point way too far in the evening and waaay past his bedtime, he finally started singing this little "too much candy" song after I finally cut him off the sugar with mild resistance.

It made me laugh, but at least he stopped asking for another piece of candy.

But I think I will put a bottle of water by the bed as he is going to be one thirsty pirate in the wee hours of the morning once all that sugar is metabolized.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Ok so the final fantastical weekend in October is in full swing and we are savoring each moment as Halloween night approaches. Here is what we did today:

1. Went to Michael's for pumpkin lights
2. Filled up with gas
3. Went to farmers market for produce
4. Went to meet starfish, sharks and other sea creatures
5. Had lunch
6. Napped (including Mack - yes!!!)
7. Made apple spice cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting
8. Roasted pumpkin seeds
9. Played outside
10. Frosted cake
11. Enjoyed silly face lollipops (Halloween gift from Aunt Jen)
11. Ate cake for dinner with a big glass of milk & some strawberries to give it some sort of healthy edge
12. Finally snuggled in for some Halloween TV specials, down time and bed....

And I am exhausted...but loving every single second. I love the chance to build traditions with my boys and just have fun. Maverick declared "Today was fun!". And it so was.

And now the photo essay version....or for expanded coverage check out our Flickr stream...

Starting with the sea creature special this morning...(pay no attention to Radley's contraband paci. He has been struggling this week with a few teeth cutting through, so he is getting a pass for a few days. Maverick is still done...thank goodness)

Sea Snails...

Touching a sea slug...icky!


Checking out the shark:

And to hear Maverick exclaim when I ask him if he wants to help make cake - "Yay!!! More cooking!!!" does my heart good.
It is not as swift and not as clean as if I did it myself, but it is soooo much sweeter doing it together. I spent their nap getting things pre-measured and ready to pour into the bowl and doing a bit of prep to keep things moving and easy for him...and he had so much fun. And his pride in the results of his applesauce spice cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting are worth any spilled flour or egg gunk dribble that required a few extra seconds of clean up. I declared it delicious as did he. If only I could bottle up that sense of pride for when I really need it in a few years.


Once that was in the oven, he helped me prep the pumpkin seeds too...

We played outside for a bit to burn off some energy:


I think they were pretty worn out....

But we still had things to accomplish in our day....for today's potty training award...a Halloween present from Aunt Jen (not that Radley is potty training yet, but he reaps the rewards from Mack's efforts):



Frosted the cake...

And had cake and a BIG glass of milk and some strawberries for dinner...

And to end this massively long photo essay of our day, the following is what happens when I try to get both my children in one photo looking the same direction...preferably toward me... and in focus...










And can I just close with saying how much I love, love, love babies in cowboy still my heart!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Crazy Carving Day

So, today was pumpkin carving-mania day - The one down front was his paint job while the rest of us worked with sharp tools. Could I keep it simple and just do 1 simple design pumpkin? Um....apparently not. We managed to carve 4 wonderful pumpkins this year.

Mack was all over this "Halloween Party" that he declared it to be complete with lollipops.

(really, don't pay any attention to the big mess in the background left over from Tamale Fest 2010 - the good news is there are 150+ tamales in the freezer for the holidays - the bad news is I have a lot of cleaning to do sometime soon)

We also are getting a chance to try out a new tip I heard to wash and spray your pumpkins with Lysol to help keep them from rotting prematurely....we will see how that goes. The jury is out if it works or not.

Mack was mostly into the whole carving thing, but declared the pumpkin guts gross...


But he finally got into the spirit of scraping the guts...note the "tongue of concentration". It melts me every time...and lets me know that he is really working hard at whatever it is he is doing. The tongue is a great indicator of how much he is enjoying the moment...


Major focus here:

Going deep for pumpkin guts...

Of course, I get completely enchanted by him and have to swoop in for kisses frequently...


Ultimately, he was a master at pulling out the pieces of pumpkin I cut. When it was time for the design to be revealed, he was the one to pull out the pieces. And he LOVED seeing them come to life. Radley joined us for some pics when we were all done as he was a bit on the small side for this action.


Tomorow is full of more joys of Halloween-time and our last day before the big dance. I am so looking forward to spending time with these precious pumpkins this weekend and see what adventures we can find.

Life is good.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another step

...further away from my baby. Sob!....
...closer to a big kid. You know he is going to go to college in only 15 years...I will never survive...
...bravely forward in our beautiful crazy life. Oh how sweet it is!


I swear, once I get them into a good groove for several weeks, I feel a burning need to mess with it. To keep things moving - ever changing. So, I took on the next hurdle in my mommy journey. Nine months later than I intended due to the arrival of baby brother, we made a major change in Mack's day to day. He is still so little, and yet, there is really nothing cute about a 4 year old that is still holding on. (No offense to any 4 year olds or mom's of 4 year old's that may be reading this.) So a couple of days ago, Mack and I discussed it brutally, honestly in 2 year old terms and at length and he decided to do this...


to these...


and he did it willingly...


and he was so proud and so excited to use the forbidden "big" scissors...and put the remnants in the trash himself...even though I had heard from some mom's that they may want to hold the cut version for a while. But not him! Once cut, in the trash they went! He was D.O.N.E.


Now, we did "find" a hidden one that we had to snip off later. And he has been known to steal a drag of one of Radley's paci's if he stumbles upon one laying around (which he shouldn't since R's have been relegated to sleep time only). And he has not napped one. freaking. single. time. since we made this decision - ugh! What have I done!?!?!? This results in a not-too-fun-to-hang-with cranky toddler about 5:30 every evening, but he really is having trouble settling in for a day time rest now that the paci's are gone. He has asked a couple of times, but when reminded that he cut them and threw them away, he does not look too pleased, but acknowledges that yes, he did do that. But we keep trying...even if it just gets him an hour or so of quiet time.

And while I am not sure how to solve the Case of the Missing Naps we now deal with, I am happy that this end of the paci era has not been too traumatic for either of us. Now, if we could just get a full lock on potty training, we would be on toddler development fire. But that is a battle for another day. For today, I am so blasted proud of you Mack. So proud of your willingness to "let go". It is such an important skill when used correctly. And you seem to have a pretty good handle on it. I am inspired by you to do a little "letting go" myself. Thanks for teaching me too, baby. More than you could ever possibly know. I love you. I am always proud of you and all you do.

All My Love Always and Forever,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Late October Randomness...and photo overload...

We have been so busy with the business of life around here the last few days. A few runny noses, some rainy days, making a couple hundred tamales, making memories and just soaking up this wonderful life that we have been blessed with.

So, as nothing seems to make a cohesive story, I present randomness (with lots of photos)...

Still a little big, but you are a boy who loves his boots....cowboy boots, rain want to wear them every day. Here are your we just need a good soaker that makes some good puddles for splashin'.




My view:
...from my rearview mirror (while at a stoplight - no snapping while driving)...gosh how I love these two little miracles...




Again with the pumpkin patch:
but this adgenda. No pictures to be taken, no commitments, just a complete willingness to let my boys lead the way. I am learning more and more to let go and let them lead the fun - we all have a much better time and usually I am the one that really learns something when I slow down and let them show me the view from their world. We spent an eternity at the play train...Mack entertained the onlookers with loud and enthusiastic proclamations of "All aboard!" He may have a career as a future Disneyland Steam Train Driver.


along for the ride...


....note the boots...





We fed and watched a multitude of farm animals...


And played some more:

Played for a good solid hour in the 2000 lb bean pit...if they wouldn't sprout, I would totally have one of these in my back yard. They are mesmerized...



Played on and in tractors...



And played another hour in the sand...before we were "done" and the crowds became too tough to handle...we made our escape back to home for naps and Sunday afternoon lazies...



Mack's New "Like":

Mack is convinced he likes limes. Really, really likes limes. If he was on facebook, he would be a fan... they are "duh-wish-uss" and "sour", he always wants more - and the faces I get in return entertainment are priceless...




Halloween update:
And finally this week we start ramping up for Halloween night in a few days. With pumpkins to carve, costumes to finalize, final outside decorations to get up for the big night, and candy to is going to be very big doin's around here. We have been watching all the age appropriate Halloween specials to brief Mack on the proper Halloween etiquette. I think he is ready...and completely not ready for what is about to happen. But he is going to love it! Heck, I am going to love it!

Bring it...we are so ready...