Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Radley the Conquerer

Dearest Radley,

One of the high points of this weekend was watching you master this slide. You are still so little compared to all the other older high octane kids that surround you. But you persevere... For example, this weekend and the lesson in a simple bounce house slide.
You were doing good to just stay upright and you watched your brother scamper up the ladder with ease and as you do, you followed him in pursuit.
You made it up the first rung and a half before you lost your footing and slid back to the bottom. Over and over...probably for a good 5 minutes which I am sure felt like an eternity to you. At one point you flopped on your back in defeat and cried with frustration. My heart was breaking for you when I so much want to help, but know it is best for all of us to let you find your way. I will always be your biggest cheerleader. I will help you with all the encouragement I can muster. I talked to you through the mesh and told you you could do it...to try one more time and to stay in the middle of the ladder. And you looked at me, stopped crying and went back to the mountain. DSC_0009.jpg
And now maybe it was the fact you cried a sock off when you were so frustrated and could finally get a little traction with those precious chunky toes, or maybe it was just sheer determination and your stubborn streak, but you did it...
and the squeal of joy I heard when you reached the top was music to my ears. You were so proud and happy. You figured it out! Now your climb was not fast. It was not so agile. The big kids continued to lap you. But you focused and you did it. And each time thereafter got better and better...faster and faster...

You ran with the big dogs baby...and you kept up.

I wish this for you every day. To find your way. To try something new. To fail until you get it right. To get off the porch and run with the big dogs. My pride is in the "keep trying", and I rejoice with you in the achieving. I know it was just a bouncy slide, but to you that day, it was your mountain. And you conquered with style baby.
Keep on navigating the mountains,

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