Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stick or sweet...

Today you boys had your well kid visit - Radley 15 months (really almost 16) and Mack 2.5yrs.


So for official stats:
Mack: 35 3/4" tall & 31 lbs - (25% & 55% respectively, for those that give a flip about that stuff)
Radley "aka: Linebacker or Chunk": 32 3/4" tall & 28.5 lbs - (90% across the board)


So basically 3 inches and 2.5 pounds separate my munchkins which does not feel like much when the younger one wants to be attached to my hip at all possible moments of the day. I just think of the arm muscles. They share clothes and shoes and at this rate, they will be the same size within a year.


You were both proclaimed healthy and strong and we have no complaints, so it was relatively problem free...except for the shot thing there at the end.

My precious Maverick, in my effort to always tell you age appropriate truths in whatever circumstance we find ourselves, I did tell you (and Radley as much as he can understand) that you were getting 2 shots and it would hurt a bit, but that it would be over so very fast and you could do it ...and as you looked into my eyes and I held your hands, I felt it the second you felt it as if it were my own stick. I knew - I saw it in your eyes. And oh goodness, the painful twinge in my gut when I see you searching for me to save you from the hurt and not understanding why I am not. I feel like a total fail. But you were both so strong. No tears, although you spent the rest of the day telling anyone who would listen that you went to the "dottor" and it "hurt my arm". Even as we lay in bed and read our evening books, you asked me to kiss "mine arm" and I could still feel the hot"fever" in the injection spot and I knew it hurt still tonight. But the beauty is that I get to be the one that you want and even more amazing is that with a simple kiss I really can be the magic that makes it feel better. Mama's simple kiss. What an honor. If only that would work for all our hurts. But I will take it for today. For today is blessed and good. And as only you can say "thanks, mama! all better!" after I kissed it, you made me smile.

And a big "thanks!" for the box your favorite Aunt Jen sent with surprise Halloween treats that I discovered on our front porch a day or so ago. It was a perfect "reward" for a shot-filled doctor visit. You two should be really nice to her. She is the best cookie maker ever and I have had my share of cookies...She lovingly hand decorated these little punkins for you...




And a few so so so so cute...and delicious too!


They were a HUGE hit!




So you ate too much sugar, but your Aunt Jen's cookies are good for you as they are also chock full o' love. And sometimes a love-filled cookie is just what the mama ordered. You rocked that doctor visit. Both of you. We rounded out our evening of sucking the last bit of sunlight out of the sky's ever-shortening days - throwing rocks, practicing high-fives and playing slide. And as always, me basking in how ridiculously proud I am to be your mama.

"Look mom, I can get the rocks better from INSIDE the fountain!"

Wet, wet, wet...

"A fish!!!"

Crazy Rock Throwing Dance

And for anyone that wants to see more...I do have more photos on our flickr feed that don't make the blog. You can click over to if you want to see the all the pics

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