Friday, October 1, 2010

October is here!

Well hello October! You just sort of snuck up on us!

I can hardly believe you are already here - but I am so excited. Now begins the crazy fast time warp whereby the next 4 months feels like 4 weeks...but ultimately it is my hands down, absolute favorite time of the year. All the wonderful holidays to make special for my two lovelies. Our calendar is already full for the month of pumpkin patch trips, baking, pumpkin festivals, Disneyland Halloweentime, and basically doing all we can to squeeze as much fun out of each single day that we can.

The evenings are cooler and getting shorter, but we still manage some fun times in the evenings exploring the little wonders of our backyard. Throwing rocks apparently never gets old and was a battle that was too hard to fight...and now that I just shovel them all back out again when it starts looking a little full, we are all happy. Pay no attention to the giant dead circle of grass where our summer pool soon as it cools off we will patch that right up!

This weekend filled with plans for farmer's market, decorating for fall including our fun new Giant inflatable Mickey pumpkin, baking pumpkin bread and having some of our favorite people over to play on Sunday. is good...

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