Saturday, October 23, 2010

And so we nest...

...and work on our foundation. Today we had a rarity for us - nothing planned at all. I woke with great aspirations of something only to find it drizzly and rainy outside, so I re-evaluated our non-existent plans...and ultimately we pretty much laid around most of the day eating popcorn purchased in support of our local boy scouts and watching Halloween specials on DVD while i flitted about when time permitted getting ready for tamale week.


We did rally for a brief trip to the Farmer's Market, stocked up on our Halloween candy for next weekend before it gets too picked over and made it to the Hispanic Market for tamale makings. I was inspired by the last hurrah of fresh corn at the market.


So, our tamale sauces simmered on the stove, the popcorn was popped and the house was a delicious smelling wreck as you two pretty much had your way with your toys and toddler friendly Halloween stories played in the background as we relished our down day and celebrated being together. And throughout it all, I spent the day taking in every detail of you two. Every cute-ism. Every moment of your too cute toes and playing with you both throughout the day smothering you in kisses and cuddles and impromptu wrestling which I am hopelessly outnumbered, lest the day come too soon that you are too big for all this.


I am reminded frequently by friends and well meaning strangers that these years go so fast. And I want to tell them "I know". I know it does not last forever. I know that I have to take in each moment. No regrets for not saying I love you. No kisses left unkissed. No snuggles that I am in too much of a hurry for. No rushed bedtimes. No precious moments allowed to pass without logging them in conscious memory - filed away to take out and savor someday years from now. My goal every night is for my children to go to bed knowing in their heart and soul that they are cherished and special. Because they are.


I am so thankful to have awareness of the importance and magnitude of these blessings in my life. I will not have regrets because I knew in my soul, that this magic would pass...evolve...into something I cannot even begin to imagine, but that this magic today is important and should be honored today and every day after as such. And I will.


I was reminded today that too soon you would be those cute gap toothed big boys in the boy scout uniforms so excited by a $1 popcorn sale. I can't even imagine what you will be like at that age, but I remember when I couldn't imagine either of you at this age and well, here we are. And can I just tell you how much better it is than I ever could have imagined?! It so is.

" must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.” ~henry david thoreau


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