Friday, October 29, 2010

Crazy Carving Day

So, today was pumpkin carving-mania day - The one down front was his paint job while the rest of us worked with sharp tools. Could I keep it simple and just do 1 simple design pumpkin? Um....apparently not. We managed to carve 4 wonderful pumpkins this year.

Mack was all over this "Halloween Party" that he declared it to be complete with lollipops.

(really, don't pay any attention to the big mess in the background left over from Tamale Fest 2010 - the good news is there are 150+ tamales in the freezer for the holidays - the bad news is I have a lot of cleaning to do sometime soon)

We also are getting a chance to try out a new tip I heard to wash and spray your pumpkins with Lysol to help keep them from rotting prematurely....we will see how that goes. The jury is out if it works or not.

Mack was mostly into the whole carving thing, but declared the pumpkin guts gross...


But he finally got into the spirit of scraping the guts...note the "tongue of concentration". It melts me every time...and lets me know that he is really working hard at whatever it is he is doing. The tongue is a great indicator of how much he is enjoying the moment...


Major focus here:

Going deep for pumpkin guts...

Of course, I get completely enchanted by him and have to swoop in for kisses frequently...


Ultimately, he was a master at pulling out the pieces of pumpkin I cut. When it was time for the design to be revealed, he was the one to pull out the pieces. And he LOVED seeing them come to life. Radley joined us for some pics when we were all done as he was a bit on the small side for this action.


Tomorow is full of more joys of Halloween-time and our last day before the big dance. I am so looking forward to spending time with these precious pumpkins this weekend and see what adventures we can find.

Life is good.

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