Saturday, October 16, 2010

Because I missed you

Hey Radley,

So you and I both had a not-so-fab night of sleep last night. I was already awake, tossing and turning... trying so hard to not try so hard to fall asleep. Trying to keep my mind clear (which is impossible) The morning was going to come in a few short hours. But I find, my love, that when these insomnia nights come I find myself missing your cuddly co-sleeping sweet baby perfection so much. I miss when we both slept together for all those many early months. It truly was some of the best sleep ever. With you nearby, I could sleep sounder, deeper and longer. Suddenly, I heard you on the monitor start to stir too. I know now that you are so big and truly prefer to sleep alone that these opportunities don't come that often. And truthfully, you probably would have fallen back asleep on your own and slept just fine as you were just singing and babbling and in absolutely no distress. But, I knew I wouldn't. So I must confess when I came to get you last night and bring you in with me, it was just because I missed you.

And it worked. And I will miss you again tonight. And tomorrow too. And the tomorrow after that.

But oh how wonderful and precious it was...

See you in the morning!

I love you,


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