Monday, May 30, 2011

Before I forget... disregarding the fact that it has been a month since my last entry...It has been an amazing month of ups and downs, thrills and disappointments and even stuck in a trip to Disneyland and to Texas and a couple of birthday parties just to keep things interesting. Work has been crazy. My help has been less. And the blog was one of those things that just got lost in the shuffle.

But I have learned this blog is my boys baby book. And with Radley changing so fast, he is just so darn precious that I have to make note of these wonderful Radley-isms before they are gone and lost to the fallacy of the "of course I will remember" illusion that we parents sometimes hold....
My current Radley-isms...

"airplane-copter" - helicopter

"big, GIANT!!" - everything is "big, giant!!!". Not just big. Not just giant. But "big-GIANT!!"

"peek-ee-boo" - self

And when caught red-handed doing something he should not be doing he looked at me with big puppy dog eyes and said::::: "Mack did it."...and so it begins. All I could do was laugh...

Radley's new big boy bed has been ordered...he is ready. I am not.

We are off again next month for more adventures in this great big world. Party planning has begun for my sweet little monster's 2nd birthday party. The pacifier is working on borrowed time...soon to be retired. Much more to catch up on, and if the stars align, I will have the time to keep the unparalleled privilege of raising these two amazing creatures more up-to-date.