Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Independent Toddler

That is the name of the class that this little precious attended today alone....without me.

I was so proud and stunned as another milestone passes. He is getting so big so fast, I can hardly stand it. He was a total rock star. Did not bat an eye at being left and from all reports he had a ball playing with the other kids and loved it. I knew this day was coming as he had been reluctant to leave the center recently when dropping off brother for the class. But toddler? Already? Today, he got to stay and play and be independent. And mama learned to let go a little.

Not that independence has been a problem so far...exhibit A:

exhibit B through Z look something like this too:

And we ended our day all laughing and dancing in living room as the sun went night-night and I was relieved to find that though you had a major moment of growth today, you are still not too old for mama kisses, cuddles and snuggles to get to sleep. And I give them happily and freely, my love for as long as you want them....maybe longer.

So, today I celebrate your achievement. I rejoice in your strong spirit that drives you to new adventures. Off you go my precious little "independent toddler"...Explore. Learn. Love. Just know that you always have a soft place to fall...I love you.

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