Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Fun and Duh-wish-uss"

That was Maverick's exact answer when I asked him how his day was. Good call, said it perfectly.

We had a delightful afternoon with some of our favorite peeps, pizza and pumpkin painting.

Crafts a-plenty....and beautiful fall messes made...

But I say fling open the paints and let em color their world...

with or without a brush...

Mack: "Radley, that is not how you do it. Radley, stop! STOP! Grrrr......"

Mack: "See , more like this. And this. I am so going to have to repaint this when you are done"

Radley: "Ok Mack, whatever..."

But lest you think my Mack-a-doo is always so impatient with his younger bro...he equally is the first to his side when he needs some special big brother lovin....It fills my heart to see them finding their way...forming that brotherly bond...watching out for each other.

And finally as the weather starts to turn, we ignore the cool air and continue with our outside summer evening baths and I am reminded as I watch them play how quickly time passes. How I know I will blink and they will be grown. How oh so much I love them to the moon and back infinity, how much I will want this time with them back again...

and as we go in Mack asks me to wrap him up in his towel "like a baby" and I swaddle up my not-so-much-a-baby and kiss his neck to a fit of giggles and drink in every detail of the moment and file it away in the catalog of beautiful memories these boys bring to me...and life in our home is good.

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