Sunday, January 25, 2009

Babywatch 2008 - Medical Mystery

Hello all.....

Well, believe it or I sit at home....planning my lifetime of gestation - no baby in sight. I did not have a single contraction all day....

Baby T is not exhibiting any indication of wanting to join the world in which we reside...he is very much enjoying his alone time in his water world and no amount of medically induced prodding is convincing him otherwise. After another 10 hours of Pitocin maxed out at the most any doctor would ever give....I had absolutely NO reaction. No pain...maybe some slight tightening but zip, nada, nothing.....zilch.

For the record, most women max out between 8-12 and beg for mercy....I have been to 20 three times.....and zippo.....

Jennifer, however, has an infected taste bud and we have determined that she is actually in more pain than I have even thought about being in during this entire process. Please send her your prayers for a speedy recovery.

It did take them 5 tries to get in my IV, so that should garner some sympathy somewhere. Yeah....I know....not really...but this is really exhausting. The thought of labor no longer scares me and I am really starting to believe it is a myth. I asked my doctor if it was medically possible to not be able to go into labor and am a bit dubious as she, an upbeat petite woman, who I could crush like a bug at my current weight, perkily answers "No". I am huge, hot, need to pee every 10 minutes, cranky, and all around "over it"

So we have a new plan......he has 10 days to come on his own terms and on his own schedule and then we are going to one final time try this pitocin stuff that has induced millions of women around the world, but does not work for me. If he fails to respond then he will be forcibly removed from the premises on 02/04/08 - Pop Pop's 100th birthday....seems like a good choice. I will continue to be monitored every 3 days and if he shows any signs of distress we will move to get him out right away no matter what the date. Ultimately the goal is him to be healthy and here.

If you continue to read these updates, thank you!! If you put me on permanent ignore, I would completely understand.....I am absolutely flabbergasted at what has transpired in the last week. I feel like the girl who cried wolf....Jennifer says it is good she is here as she would not believe any of this if she had not seen it with her own eyes. The nurses still love us. I think we are going to be declared the new maternity ward mascot. I am giving them stories of things that they have never seen in their 20 years of nursing.....I am now a Tarzana Hospital legend....I am not sure how I feel about that.

Love to you all....another update coming sometime in the future.....I have no idea when.....ugh...


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