Thursday, January 15, 2009

Babywatch 2008 Revisited

Originally sent Jan 15, 2008...the beginning of the story of Maverick's fun to read back one year ago today...

OK we go...

Since Christmas I have had several steps forward and backward and the OB has decided that Baby Boy Travinski has cooked long enough....he is coming soon!

This is the first of I hope several emails to keep you all updated as I go through the next few days...and the exciting arrival of my baby boy (yes, the name is still TBD)

I am scheduled to go in for an induction on Thursday morning, Jan 17 at Tarzana Regional Medical Center, Tarzana, CA, at 7:30am LA time and start the proceedings...whatever those are.

He is still a small one at this stage, but by all appearances and ultrasounds healthy and continuing to grow - I am hoping for at least 6lbs at birth.

I have been put on a diet of healthy high fat for a few days (nuts, eggs, avocado, etc) to try to get as much weight on him (and sadly by proxy, I am sure on me as well) as I can in these intervening days. It is pretty rough to be prescribed a tub of guacamole for lunch- NOT! I will find a way to muddle through....

On other news, my bladder is the size of a thimble, my sleep pattern is about 45min to 1hr tops without having to empty said thimble....and reflux/indigestion is alive and well along with my swollen carpal tunnel hands and swollen feet....all in all...a normal full term pregnant woman waiting to have a baby with a blessed end in sight.

I am a bit anxious, though excited...Mom left today after caring for me for the past week and doing my laundry and dishes since I have been put on bedrest these final days. Jennifer arrives tomorrow to be by my side during this amazing time. Mom will be back out in about 10 days and then my dad is taking the shift after that. It is very nice to be loved so much and have so many of you caring for me and the new little bug.

I will keep you posted over the next few days as conditions or my own insane thoughts warrant.

More to come....


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