Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Babywatch 2008 - Monday Doctor Report

Hi again,

I never dreamed when I started these emails last Thursday that I would still be pregnant....but never-the-less, here I am. Waiting....I've gotten really good at that by the way.

Anyway, here is the following report from the Ultrasound this morning with facts about my baby who is still showing no interest in entering the world....

- He has plenty of fluid in the water world in which he is most content that he will not leave (thank you Elizabeth for the Under the Sea references!....LOL)

- His abdomen is growing well and on the curve, but is still small for gestational age, but as long as it is growing, then we are not so worried about that any more.

- His heart test/heart rate is perfect as all previous ones have been. He is showing no signs of stress. He looked very cute. It is a shame he is never coming out.

- He is incredibly low in the cervix....that was NOT news to me as I currently feel like there is a watermelon between my legs.

- Cord is not wrapped around his neck preventing him from descending, so that rules out that excuse....he is just 6lbs (or there abouts) of kick butt stubborn....I am not sure of the ramifications of that on future personality...though I am a bit scared of what it implies...

- Doctor wished me luck for our next attempt on Friday....he is going on vacation to Hawaii for the next 3 weeks (great....) and thought I would be done by Saturday....I rolled my eyes and advised him to not make promises. Call me a labor atheist. I am beginning to become a bit jaded at predictions. I really don't believe any of them now.

Over the weekend I have tried everything I could think of to encourage his arrival....

2 reflexology appointments (1 therapist predicted the baby would come today - so far, NOT), lots of walking/retail therapy, warm baths/showers, salad dressing from a local restaurant legendary for its labor inducing qualities (I even chugged a couple extra ounces), evening primrose oil....all to no avail.

I have to call my doctor tomorrow to go through a few questions that I now have now that I am over the shock of leaving the hospital terminally pregnant. I am sitting around trying to come up with stuff to keep me busy as all my plans had this stubborn little bug here by now. Instead I am messing up the clean house I had ready for him to come home to. Oh well...

Anyway, I will update as conditions or information warrants, but I am expecting to pretty much be sitting here until Friday when we go again to serve an eviction notice via the (not guaranteed) miracles of modern medicine....

Tomorrow is a full moon...I think there is something about that helping to kickstart labor???

I think I'll go take another bath....maybe it will work

Love to you all and keep the good thoughts coming....Ill let you know when I am next off to the hospital....


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