Monday, June 23, 2008

First Swim...

So little man had his first swim with Papa (they let me horn in for a photo or two)...he seemed to enjoy it.  The water was warm and he was as protected from the hot Arizona sun as I could get him...He never much splashed around, but rather seemed to be taking in a whole new sensory experience where he was in a giant bathtub with clothes on and all of us were in  it with him....he couldnt seem to quite figure it out.  But since he loves the bath, this went over very well.  We usually went in twice a day while we were there and he never complained, so I guess it was all good in his book.   

We are now in Texas and he is off with his cousins at the pool while I am supposed to be working....I sent a camera.  I am looking forward to the report back...We will be here for a couple of weeks bridging the gap until Aunt Lori is there for full time nanny duty!  

So far, so good...he slept 9.75 hours last night and seems to routinely be going down for longer stretches.  He has been averaging between 6.5-7.5 hours...with a few 8 & 9.5 hour nights thrown in just to keep me off guard.  We have not had a night bottle in about a week, so I am starting to think he may have self-dropped that feeding....all good news.

So enjoy our "first swim" photos and I will be back more with updates...we are having a very busy month...lots of new things and adventures...

Chillin with Papa
Papa trying to teach Mack how to jump in
This is FUN!!!
"Motorboat, Motorboat...goes so slow (ours never really went very fast on this swim)
Kick, Kick, Kick

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