Friday, September 25, 2009

Dear Radley - Month Three

Dearest Radley,

On Wednesday, you were three months old. It is absolutely unbelievable to me how quickly the time is going by as I watch you get bigger and bigger daily. You are such the light of my life. I love you little Boo. However, I hereby order you to stop growing right now or you are grounded!!! To which you respond like this...

So then I try...Dear Radley, Please dont get any bigger or any older because right now you are just so perfectly perfect...and I get this:

And then I think how it is said babies grow when they are sleeping and I try to figure out how I am going to keep you awake so you will stop growing, which is likely an impossible task. You see you love your sleep and another day dawns and I wake up to you another inch bigger it seems.

So it is now becoming clear to me that you just don't listen very well. So I think I am just going to have to ground you...and remember to check my recipe books for a special "stop growing" recipe to slip into your formula. But even then...I would end up with something like this...

If you can't tell by now, you smile at everything and everyone. I think you have just the best smile ever. Your whole face lights up and it is as if your entire body smiles too! And every time I see it I just melt.

You are such a happy little boy with a contagious smile... I hear you starting to make sounds that I think will become your laugh and I can hardly wait to hear it... but I can ...back to that stop growing thing. I mean it...dont grown one more inch!!!

One thing I learned with your brother is to embrace every fleeting stage of who you are as each transition you make is my favorite. I learned to relish the time you spend in them as they will be gone in a flash much too soon to be replaced by a newer sweeter stage that then is my new favorite. It is a vicious cycle trying to decide when you are so cute, that you could not possibly get cuter...and then you prove me wrong getting cuter and more fun with each passing day.

We had your 3 month checkup yesterday where your pediatrician declared you healthy and big at a whopping 15lbs 6oz and 25 1/2" long. You outweighed your brother at the same time by a solid 2 pounds and are a full 1 1/4" longer than he was too! You are hovering up around the 75-85th percentiles and are rounding out into full-on baby cuteness.

You can hold your head up pretty well and are getting lots of practice. Most of the time right now you prefer sitting up to laying down. And the times I do have to lay you down for your own safety, you grunt and fuss and pull and strain to get back upright again. You are starting to discover your hands as well. But you seem to have gotten yourself into quite the pickle recently when I came back to find you in baby handcuffs...

And my heart just melts when you manage to lock your eyes on your brother and just start beaming. You see this month, you have discovered your big brother, Maverick, and you find him quite amusing. Granted, he is usually too occupied by his pre-toddler antics to notice your absolute fascination with him and your beaming smiles, but I notice my little love and it is just the sweetest thing ever. When he is near you kick your legs just as hard as you can and squeal and smile and I can tell you can hardly wait until you can keep up with him.

Maverick loves you so much. This month he has started running up to you in the middle of playing and just giving you a quick kiss or pat on the head before running back off. And you just eat up those moments he gives you a bit of attention. I think once you start "doing" a bit more, you two will have a ball.

You still love to sleep. Anywhere. Anytime. No real rhyme or just sort of drop off when you get the urge. It makes travelling the world with you so much easier than it was with your brother who never slept for fear of missing something important.

Next week we head off on your first inter-state adventure on the Baby Radley Texas Tour to visit your Aunt Jen and meet some new people who are super excited to meet you. This trip will celebrate your 3 month birthday and your brothers 20 month birthday. Where is the time going? I hope you are as good a traveller as your brother was at the same age, but given how well you sleep, I am hedging my bets you will be a airline traveller rock star. You already have your first frequent flier number.

We are going to check out our new little yet-to-be-named Ranchito that your Uncle Z is grooming to be the best little hunting patch of ground in the state of Texas. I bought this land in hopes you boys will love to explore the outdoors and always have a place where you can run, climb and explore for years and years to comeunder the guidance of your Uncle Z. I think he is excited for the time you boys are old enough to help move rocks - he likes to do that for some reason....and to hunt...and to fish. I am planning on many great memories to be made there.

Life with you and your brother is truly times insanely chaotic, but amazing. I think that left to my own devices, I'd very likely enter into some early state of elderly-ness, sitting on the porch with an blanket on my knees, reading a book and drinking tea, and start my golden years at the ripe old age of 40. I would make a great old lady, because that's the kind of thing I absolutely love to do. But the unpredictableness and crazy fun I have with the two of you is so much better than that any day.

I was going to finish up this blog today and include a bit about you not rolling over just yet, but I'll be gosh darned if you didnt work yourself right up into quite the tizzy this morning and roll your butt over! From front to back...but finally....your first roll!!!! I am so very proud of you little man. I look forward to what month 4 will bring. I find you such an amazing little guy. I cant take any credit for that, but I sure am glad that I get to be your mommy. There is nothing I would rather be doing. I am having so much fun watching you grow up. I hope you are having fun too!

I love you,


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