Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Adventure...

There were wonderful adventures every day.  Ashton and Uncle Dean conquering their fear of California Screamin'.  Me taking you out of the hotel on any day in the July heat!  And many other documented here

Bella's first slide with NO FLOATIES on the big slide at the hotel.  And she swam all the way across at the bottom too!   She rocked the slide!!!

Buzz Lightyear...if you look real close you can see your head behind Ashton's laser gun.  You LOVED looking at all the lights and glow in the dark stuff.  I worried you might be afraid of the dark rides, but you were a champ!  By the way, I kicked Ashton's tail at can see Uncle Dean and Aunt Lori behind too!  I have no idea who was taking this picture....hmmmmm

One of the biggest adventures was Beaux getting her glamour girl make-over AND getting her ears pierced.  Finally!  She was so excited about this and I think she looked absolutely beautiful!  This is before...

And this was after.  No crying...her eyes didn't even  I think she looks much older with EARRINGS!!!

Austin's adventure included sliding down the kiddie slide at the pool.  He must have gone down that thing 100 times while we were there.  

Bella driving the cars.  What is is about these things that kids LOVE?!?!?  I mean its ok...but kind of like Barbies...I never "got it".   But these girls LOVE these cars.  And if you are riding with Bella, then it is definitely an adventure.  However, I do have one complaint since Disneyland has made their cars more eco-friendly, they have lost the loud, fuel smelly, long line goodness they once were.  The good news is we can still find that version along with the people mover in the smell of fuel in the air, the noise pollution of the LOUD engines, and cruisin' Tomorrowland from the People Mover...that is good times!

These four braved the Maliboomer!  I snapped this one just as it makes me giggle.

And again back to the was an adventure...I think we could have done nothing else and these guys would have had the best day ever.

This is a boy with a mission.  What it is...I am not sure...

Ah, the sisterly sucker punch to the gut.  Always a fine move when you get the chance...

"Maybe if I run fast, the water won't hit me!", yeah, right.

"Okay, surely it won't hit me if I put my face next to the hole it comes out of".  Though I must admit that it is definitely a brave adventure as this is a good way to get an unexpected eye wash.

Having a very good day...what an amazing adventure....

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