Friday, February 19, 2010

Dear Mack - At least you were honest...

Dear Maverick,

I want to congratulate you on your ever-growing vocabulary even if the pronunciations are a bit askew. But it is pretty darn precious when you ask for your morning "oh-moat" - that would be "oatmeal" in Mackanese followed by a request for "Mawsters" - which would be "Monsters, Inc" which you have taken to watching every morning while I go through our morning routine of diaper changes, breakfast prep, opening up the house, getting water sippy's filled...etc. The change to Monsters Inc was mandatory after you played with the remote one day and managed to delete your favorite "satta so" (Santa Show aka "Prep and Landing") that you loved and were watching daily - sometimes twice. This deletion resulted in several traumatic days when we had to search for an alternate viewing item as you did not understand why you could not watch the Satta So. (Fortunately your Aunt Jen has not deleted her copy and I keep telling you that you can watch it when we go to her house in a few weeks). So, Monsters, Inc it is...I guess it could be worse.

Your increasing vocabulary has made is quite a bit easier to communicate with you in a way that I feel we are accomplishing something. We're actually starting to have real conversations now, not that these always go like I'd want them to. On a recent trip to Trader Joe's, we were pulling into the parking lot and I started telling you about what I expected you to do when we were in the store. I admit I was feeling pretty smug with myself for anticipating what might be a problem. Surely if I just told you what I expected, you would behave perfectly. So here is the little chat we had.

Me: Mack, we're going to go into Trader Joe's now , and when we're in the store, I need you to sit in the cart and listen to mommy and obey when I ask you to do something. Are you going to obey Mommy?

You: Nope!

I tried to take comfort in the knowledge that at least you tell me the truth, but it was hard to put that one down in the "win" category.

I love ya baby,

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