Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dear Radley - Month Eight

My dearest Rad-Rad,

Today you are 8 months old. I can hardly believe it, but I know it is true. I have found myself rather reflective this past week for many reasons swirling about your momma's head. But mostly because I just am overwhelmed by you, how amazing you are, how fast time is passing, and what a blessing you are in my life and my inability to accurately describe your awesomeness to anyone with words or show your wonderfulness on film though I do try.

I know I have this blog to assist me in capturing your life but there are moments with you that can stop me dead in my tracks and I am humbled that I get to be your mommy and that God trusted me to raise you. Simply put, I consider myself the most blessed mommy ever and you are amazing. You are so handsome and sweet and laid back and genuinely happy all the time. I know I have said this before, but your older brother was one of the easiest babies ever and you somehow make him look really high maintenance. People who get to be around us repeatedly often ask me if you ever stop smiling and happily I tell them "no, not really". And it is not a lie. I wish with my whole heart that you stay this happy always and promise you to do all I can to keep you this way.

As we go about our daily activities I marvel all the time at how darn cute you are and how much you smile at the world. And it does not pain me to have strangers and friends we encounter during our day reconfirm that fact.

Now this is not to say that you have not had your less than perfect moments this past month including a very funky sinus infection and a few not-so-fun nights that you woke every 2-2.5 hours like you thought you were a newborn again. But a round of antibiotics got us back on track and all has been well (and well rested) since and you were back to your happy-go-lucky self...even if you were still a bit crusty...

My precious Radley, in the past 8 months I have watched you change so much that I am re-reminded by you and your brother just how fast this time is going to go by and there is nothing I can do to stop it. Just last month you had mastered scooching whereby you did your best inch-worm imitation and sitting up so-slightly-wobbly to now when you are full on crawling up on all fours, pulling up to a standing position and if I did not know better, you are close to thinking you can walk as you frequently let go and try to balance or reach for something.

As your mommy, I am doing a much better job these days of balancing work, your brother and you, though the house is still not as organized as I would like. I am doing my best to let that go for now.

Your newfound ability to move has provided some interesting moments. I occasionally can walk back into a room and have to fish you out from under a chair or table that you have found yourself stuck under. Or dig around in your mouth to pull out the latest I-have-a-2-year-old-brother choking hazard that you manage to find no matter how hard I try to keep these little bits picked up and put away. More than once I have said a little prayer of thanks to your Guardian Angel for protecting you from the hazards your older brother unintentionally leaves in your path. I am getting much better at anticipating the possible dangers these days, though the fact you are now on the move is adding another layer of difficulty to this challenge.

On the physical development front you still have no teeth. I check every week or so...but as of this morning, ...nothing...nada....zip...not even close to the surface...but you have been teething for going on about 4 months now and you have the soaked-with-drool onsies to prove it and a desire to put e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. ever. ever. ever. in. your. mouth. Our house has had a definite resurgence in the popularity of the phrase "What do you have in your mouth?", which last topped in frequency of use when your brother was about 8 months old as well. So teething is definitely on your 8 month agenda, but fortunately you dont seem to be suffering many ill effects from it. On occasion I dose you up with some Motrin or Tylenol when you seem to be in pain or uncomfortable. But we are still waiting for the teeth to appear...

You are still huge for your age even though we do not see the doctor again until next month for an official update. Several people have guessed your were 9 or 10 months old. This is new for me as with your brother I was always worried he was so much smaller. But as long as you are healthy, I am happy. But it is not going to be long until you catch up with your brother physically, so that should be interesting and really messes with my hand-me-down wardrobe plan. You are already wearing clothes now that he wore just this past Christmas. It wont be long before you are just sharing clothes, period.

The days around here fly by with work, activities, adventures and fun. I would not trade one moment of time spent with you for all the organized piles in the world. I will take a little mess any day if it means more time to spend with you. But even in the hubub of our evening world, there are some amazing moments of calm. One night after the hustle and bustle of our evening routine. I glanced down to you on one side while snuggling with Maverick on the other and you had cuddled up with your sweet face tucked up near my neck and fallen sound asleep and right at that moment I did not want to do anything but be still soak up that precious moment and try to forget how quickly you are growing up. Take your time baby...

I love you,

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