Friday, March 11, 2011

So cited!!! random random random

So, here I sit in an amazing hotel suite with 2 sleeping babies waiting to wake them from their slumber to go to the airport to pick up our favorite people to spend a few days taking in the sun and adventure of Palm Springs. We had wonderfully light traffic and the boys were extra well behaved and we watched the sun set from the pool until they were hungry enough for dinner to finally get out.

And as we lauch on what is certain to be a wonderful adventure photo-filled weekend, I am hopelessly remiss in keeping up to date the last couple of weeks.

They were the good kind of weeks. The weeks with not much to do and yet, somehow those times are the most important. We ventured out on a passel of adventures that we had not experienced in quite a while

NoHo Saturday drum circle...the best kind of and their motto is "Don't not touch. Don't not be loud." Love that! and ...they loved.

And for nearly an hour they touched and banged and explored to their hearts content. And for the first time I was not chasing one of them around the warehouse trying to keep them "in play".

The bright child play space where I almost had to take out a 7 year old that was bully-ing Maverick (and other kids with not a parent in sight). Now I am all for my boys learning to fight their own battles and Maverick is pretty good at holding his own and I work really hard at not being that mom, but this kid was a little too physical for my taste so he got a bit of a talking to.
I know that people say this cruelty is a part of life, but it kills me and really, does it have to be? What is wrong with teaching your kids kindness and inclusion. At times like this I think living on a desert island or holing up in our new ranch 50 miles from anywhere and protecting these little souls.
But soon the little wretch was forgotten and we got on with the business at time!

This just because I thought he was so darn cute that day...
and wretsle-mania that has started to be a semi-regular occurence around here as I try to figure out the best way t o lay down rules on this and still let them be "boys".

A glorious day and picnic at the park...where I brought a bagload of sand toys for the boys...
and they want to play with this nasty thing...

After I could stand it no more, the spoon got "lost" and they were back on task...

And with is time to go get our peeps at the airport. More another day...

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