Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maverick's Moods

This is my sweet Maverick...

Recently, I did an impromptu study on Maverick's moods and what he thought of them. The focus stinks. And I really dislike (aka hate) shooting with a flash, but we were sitting around and goofing off and I started asking Mack to show me his many emotional faces...I got the idea from my favorite blog ever...and here were our results:

Happy Mack

Sad Mack:

Suprised Mack:

And my favorite of all, because he really has a hard time with any emotion that does not include a smile....

Mad Mack:

And when Radley was asked for either Sad Radley, Suprised Radley or Mad Radley...this is what I got...

But he really is not telling the truth about mad Radley...that looks a whole lot more like this::::
Trust me...we were having a moment...

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