Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Part 4 - To Texas, To Texas, To Celebrate BIG!

It is a good thing that my boys are such good travellers (mostly). It was time for another celebration of life so we packed our bags and off we went.

This was fantastic as we were celebrating one of our favorite people on this planet in what is quickly becoming one of our favorite places.

And as the nearest town has very limited entertainment options, we spent a bit of time in their pseudo-Chuck E Cheese/Roller Rink combo place where Maverick took his first spin on wheels.

And the beauty of a small town is no one cared that Radley thought he was getting his skate on too. It did not hurt that he had the prettiest girls in the county as his personal dates for the evening. I think he made a few local 14 year old boys a wee bit jealous.

These two did their best to break a skeeball game...I can still hear the thud of the heavy wooden balls as they chucked them overhand and only managed to stay in the lane occasionally. But they had a ball and that is what matters!

But this clown...creeped me out...and Mack doesn't look too happy about his passenger either.

We had a wonderful, brief time out at the ranch celebrating the lovely Beaux-Beaux with a hot dog roast, scavenger hunt, golf cart rides, pancake art breakfast and cake. She definitely brought in "9" with style. She was also the first birthday at the "chito"...which inherently makes the celebration worthy of remembering.

Happy Birthday Beaux! We love you bunches!

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