Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sweet Strawberry Saturday

So weather this weekend is a bit drab and rainy but last weekend it was gorgeous and we were fortunate to be on the receiving end of some of our local farmers' bounty! Strawberry season is almost at it's peak, but we could not resist dabbling in the current offerings...and really is there much better than a full platter of sweet, sun-ripened berries and my babies?


And with drippy stained T-shirts and red stained lips, we sat in the shade of our backyard and laughed and played and though they don't know it, I drink every detail of them into my heart and relish in these two little amazing souls that I get to share life with. They are so much fun and through their eyes, everything is an adventure of epic proportions


We passed the time coloring party leftover Mickey Mouse color sheets that have not yet quite made it to "cleaned up" status. Mack practiced his colors, but I am starting to think he is red/green color blind...but am not too worried...yet. They made me a delicious playdough BBQ with one of his birthday toys that was lovingly seasoned with the perfect amount of strawberry juice... They both learned that playdough does. not. taste. good. The way we all learn. And though I warned them, they had to find out for themselves.


The boys continued to burn into their memory the details of our backyard. The blades of grass, the flowers, the sand, the rocks they love to throw in the fountain, the random collection of sun-faded toys that litter our manicured little corner of the world where they form their magical childhood memories. It is in our back yard, where our little fountain is full of fish and whales...Maverick was adamant that this twig was a fishing rod and could not be convinced otherwise.

There are bushes are where we store our "magic rocks" that are very special, though I have not yet been told what the magic rocks can do....just that they are "magic rocks, mama". It is a secret these two share. Maybe someday they will let me in...

They scout the minute detail in the grass for ants and other bugs that creepy crawl waiting to be discovered by my little dudes...

Maverick sprinkles special sand "to help the grass grow, mama" and Radley plays a coy game of hide and seek in more leftover party bits as he starts to tire ready for a post-fantasy play nap...

And next thing you know, we made an afternoon I will remember for a very long time. I think we will have to Strawberry Saturdays more often...

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