Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party - part 2 (THE cake)

And oh what a spectacular over-the-top-but-you-can-do-that-when-your-sissy-makes-it cake it was...

Six tiers of yummy delicious goodness in what, after looking at literally hundreds of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cakes online, has to be the best Mickey Mouse and Friends Cake ever.
Don't you agree? Isn't it amazing and awesome?!?!?

I loved every detail and you could taste the love baked inside by Aunt Jen (Jen the Cookie Chick on Facebook).

Here are way too many pictures of it, but it was truly a work of art!


Oh yeah, and the shirt I painted for my little man. I was proud of how it came out, if I do say so myself! But my shirt was nothing compared to that CAKE!


It was truly amazing. See the detail in Minnie's lace petticoat? And Pluto's collar? Every little thing was perfect.


So little man blew out his 3 big candles in 3 big huffs and puffs with all his might:

And believe it or not, we actually did cut it! I could not think about it too much or I never would have...I just wanted to look at it for another day or two. But all those muchkins wanted cake and I know how delish my sisters cakes are, so I gave my sis a knife and she went after it!
And Maverick was a fan of the little yellow fondant balls...see his hidden Mickey in his stash he grabbed off the cake? DSC_0813-2.jpg
He was in heaven snatching unknown quantities of least his diaper wasn't green the next day like it was from all the green frosting last year! Too much information, huh?

The great cake massacre of 2011...

Happy Birthday Baby! We all love you more than you could ever know...

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