Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Radley's First Haircut

Now, if you had told me that Radley would have gotten a haircut sooner than his brother, I would have thought you were crazy since he has spent most of the first 18 months of his life close to bald. But somehow in the last few weeks, a couple sections of his hair took a visit to crazy town and as shown previously, he was getting downright shaggy.

It was now time. I did not think about it much. I was just taking care of business. So you could have knocked me over when suddenly as little man climbed up and got his smock on, I was struck by how big he was.

Unexpectedly, I felt my eyes burning and getting a little misty. I was not ready for that at all. I was so proud of him and what a big boy he is becoming...minus the paci...but we will take care of that in a few months...

Wow...how handsome is he???

And not to be outdone by his brother...Mack got his shaggy locks trimmed up too. He was definitely giving some competitions on the cute, flirty quotient and had all the ladies in the salon fawning all over him and giving him cookies...my boy is shameless...be still my heart. Here is his transformation from shaggy to stud...


Ok..suffering from cuteness overload. Will have to continue tomorrow....

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