Friday, February 11, 2011

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party - part 3 (Party Time!!!)

And so we partied...

So many people who really have been such a huge part of the last 3 years for us gathered to celebrate my baby. I cannot think of a better thing to celebrate and so we went BIG! Of course there was the playgym and sand, and jumper, and balloon artist and ball pit, and spin art, and legos and the train table and playdough and fun! But I am getting a bit ahead of myself.

Let's revisit that amazing cake one more time...and my cute blue-eyed buckaroo...

Ok, now that I have gushed on about that for the umpteeth time...There was the party...

Ashton manned (or is it Minnie'd) the Spin Art station where they made cute little spin art cards that we paired with a Mickey Head Matte and laminated. I cut the Mickey heads out of the cardstock matte with my Cricut which is now my newest favorite crafty toy in my arsenal. The kids decorated with stickers and poster paint markers

It was darn cute!

And little man took off to play and I hardly saw him for the whole party, but when I did he was so happy and sweaty and his face was glowing and was red from all the fun (and probably a bit of sugar overload too). And as I tucked him into bed the next night he said "that was really fun, mama"...and I teared up a little bit, because I know that he may not remember all this, but I will and I will remember these moments that made it special.

And there was the ball pit, coloring, balloons and bubbles:

And yummy food:

And Maverick finally got to have as many of "my drinks" (that is what he called them) that he could stand...which were these super adorable personalized Jones sodas that I had custom made with his photo on the labels. I am not sure how many he had and I am not sure I want to know...but it was his birthday...and he never gets soda. I am pretty sure he had his fill for the year.

And then there was the "after party" where we kicked back and talked about how much fun it all matter how exhausted and sore we felt. For me, this little guy was worth it all...


Next up...the "after party"...

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