Thursday, May 6, 2010

Heading out

Here is a few pictures of what Maverick and Radley did today:

What I did today was pack what has to be tens of thousands of our family's belongings into several LARGE, very-likely-t0-be-overweight gi-normous suitcases so that tomorrow morning we are ready to start what I am going to call the Summer of Travel as we head out to Texas and back and host a multitude of guests from now until Mid August. The next few months are going to be crazy-town. I will be getting up at 4am tomorrow to pack the rest of our belongings and get us on our flight. I am checking in here to ask for a few prayers for a smooth trip. The last time we did not go so well. So, if you think about it. Or happen to roll over at some unholy hour tomorrow morning, say a prayer for us. And meanwhile, the Benadryl is packed, just in case. We are thrilled to be headed home for Ashton's Amazing Under the Sea 12th Birthday Splash Bash. I just hope Southwest is thrilled to see us, too.

Ready or not! Here we come...

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