Saturday, May 1, 2010

Family Gardening

So in the light of our failed gardening attempt, I thought I would post some pics of a happier garden outing with the boys...

I don't think they intend these as drinking fountains...and I refuse to think about the germs flowing through that water...

Nor do they intend them to be a bath...but really, if you are going to put spraying water at waist height of a 2 year old, do you really expect them to see anything but a toddler bird bath?

Oh what fun...

Mack and Jack

Trying to keep them from falling into the koi pond from the rail-less path in the Japanese Garden.

Mack: "Dude, I think I can get one! You distract the mommies..."

Crazy fish fountain that Maverick again felt the need to drink from...ick.

Jack showing Radley the love...

Once they are wet, then they want to play in sandy gritty dirt...if you dropped pebbles in the top of this, it made music as the pebbles went down bumping off of the metal rods between the two rocks.

It was a fabulously wet, muddy, gritty, filthy day!

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