Monday, May 3, 2010


Dear Mack-a-roni,

Not suprising, but you are starting to be a really great talker which is letting me hear more and more your perspective on your world. You are currently fascinated with everything big trucks, firetrucks and airplanes. Everytime we see one you point and say "hurry mama!" as if I can catch it. We never do... it does not stop you from pointing out every truck, firetruck and air borne vehicle you see. Every time. Always. Lots and lots of "big trucks".

You also can count to 10 forwards and backwards. You also know all the words to Itsy Bitsy Spider. And you know most of the alphabet...

You are also way into picking up new words and trying them out these days. The other day it was "castle". A week ago it was "barracuda" after a particularly lengthy "Finding Nemo" phase. I love new words too, honey. And I love hearing you work on your vocabulary. Yesterday we were out at the park and once we were loaded up and ready to go, you asked for your "agua", took a long swig and as you finished you said "ahhhhh.....yah-wish-shuss". It was so darn cute and I found myself stifling a giggle when I asked you what you said and you responded with "yah-wish-shuss, mommy".

Yes, it is with you is very yah-wish-shuss,

Love and kisses,

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