Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Suck it up!

So as I have mentioned previously, Maverick is on a very big "I can do everything by myself" phase. There are a lot of challenging things about Mack's new-found drive to do things himself, but one of the nice things is that he is insisting on helping me vaccum every week. This is not actually very helpful now, since his "helping" means drag the vaccum around the room. Unwrap cord. Attempt to rewrap cord. Practice raising the arm up and down. Turn the vaccum on and off no less than 30-40 times. And all of these tasks he does at a painfully slow pace. It would take what I would estimate to be be approximately 150 years to finally get one room vacummed - not the house...just one room.

But I figure if I am patient, he will actually learn to vaccum himself and then I can hand the job over to him on a permanent basis and sit around painting my nails during all that free time! Sure, if this plan works out, he will basically be my little slave, but look how happy he is about it now! It really is a shame that this enthusiasm for cleaning will not last into the teen years when I really am going to need the "help"!

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