Thursday, December 2, 2010

Turkey Oreo Treats

This was a great easy treat to do...and really just the cutest things ever...try it stuff! TIP: Be sure to get the Double Stuff Oreos - we learned the hard way, but managed to make double stuff out of 2 single stuff! HERE are more detailed instructions and where I found the original idea. Fun to make and fun to eat...for those that are not sickly

And once these guys finished their little turkey army, then little man managed to rally out of his sickness fog for a little decorating session of his own. Frosting has that affect on people. I guess it is ok for the first solid food after a stomach bug to be frosting? However, I am very certain that will not win me any mommy awards. But it was the first thing he wanted to eat in 2 days... and so it was. I am sure it was delicious.

Due to contamination, all products from his decorating session were destroyed...but he had fun, and that was the most important thing. Isn't that always the most important thing?

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