Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Minnow Mack

So Maverick and I just finished our first session of Parent and Me swim lessons. He was a champ. It was good for us. For 2 weeks every morning we spent 30 minutes in the pool learning, laughing and holding each other. It was a great slow me down time so that I could focus on my #1 priority, my kids, while work was picking up and getting more chaotic by the day. It was a wonderful way to spend time together and it felt really good to have some one on one time.

Here he is all suited up and waiting for his turn to get in the pool and examining the array of pool toys that the instructor uses during class.

He loves swimming down and picking up rings.

Today, I brought our new underwater video camera in hopes of getting some good footage.
Unfortunately it backfired as all he wanted was to play with the camera and not focus on the swimming part. Next time I will have to be more stealth-like in my are the best 35 seconds I got showing him channeling his internal minnow....

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