Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dear Mack - Your Big Boy Bed

Dearest Maverick,

I have about decided a main reason you have been put on this earth is to teach your mommy how to do "change" better, as you yet again, proved to be ready for the next change in your life and graduate to a full size bed long before I would have thought you would be. I fretted over not wanting you to feel displaced by your awesome litle brother booting you out of your own bed. As such, I had a well structured plan in mind for the transition which consisted of setting up your big boy bed, which is a very cool Jeep Safari Bed, and keeping you in your crib so you could have a couple of weeks to get used to the big bed being in your room. HA! HA! HA!

As it happened, the first night we set it up you watched and climbed all over it very excitedly. It showed great promise to one day be a great bed for you. As bed time rolled around I asked you if you were ready to go to bed, without saying anything you jumped up and ran just as fast as you could to your room ahead of me, which in itself, is not that unusual as you are usually good to go when it is bedtime. I followed along behind, gathering up some of the wreckage of your almost two-ness. As I rounded the corner in your room, I was met with a vision of you already up in the bed, laying down head on the pillow and holding your blanket with the biggest smile on your face. I admit this embracing of the big boy bed caught me completely off guard and I still was not convinced that you would stay there. But really, what good would it do if I put you back in the crib? The point was to get you in the bed...and in the bed you most definitely wanted to be, so I did a quick re-adjustment of my expectations, which you have me doing quite a bit lately.

I asked if you wanted to sleep in the crib that I had left in your room as well for the "transition period". You shook your head no as you still are not talking too as my brain processed enough to catch up with you and what could possibly go wrong with this, I shrugged my shoulders, said ok, kissed you good night, turned out the lights and hoped for the best....and we have never looked back. Although the first night, I did not have a bed rail up at the entry point and around 2am you nearly gave your momma a heart attack when I thought I had "lost" you when I went to your room to check on you and you were no where to be found. After a couple of minutes and me in a near panic, I finally found you way way under the stupid crib that I had left in there. I took it out the next day...and bought a bed rail. It has been smooth sailing ever since!

Here is a dark pic of you your very first night in your big Safari Jeep Bed...

and with a flash...I was worried I would wake you up with all my clicking and flashing...

It has working headlights...

and a really cool Mack Truck bulldog hood ornament with a dog collar that says Mack. And your own personalized lisense plate too!

And it is parked under a very special tree...

I hope you love it and thanks for helping me out with the "change" thing....I promise to try to do better.


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