Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ready, Set, Go!

So what I did today was pack what has got to be thousands of mine and Maverick's and Radley's belongings into two serious mamma-jamma, very-likely-to-be-overweight suitcases so that we are ready to start our trip to Texas tomorrow morning. I am thrilled to be seeing my neices and visiting with my sis. I just hope the airline industry is thrilled to see us, too.

I would like to note for the record that packing is taking twice as long as Maverick keeps trying to unpack my packed bags. Given his current behavior, I am a bit afraid that he will also try to unpack the luggage of every one else in the terminal, and take their cell phones I-phones, Blackberries and snacks. This is his normal M.O. whenever we are with friends or anywhere, really. It's a good thing he makes up for his appalling lack of understanding of personal space by being pretty cute.

I also expect that I will spend a lot of time walking around the airport trying to wear his butt out before we board. I wonder if there is any chance of him sleeping on the plane....hmmmm...I am pretty sure this one will...but Maverick is the wild card.

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