Thursday, November 4, 2010

15 years

15 years ago today this gorgeous young lady made her day-late debut into our world. I could not love her any more if I had given birth to her myself and would do anything for her. In honor of Miss B, 15 fabulous memories that simply gloss the surface of all that makes you wonderful to me...

1. Holding you that first Thanksgiving so your momma could have a bite to eat, when you would not. stop. crying. and promising you we would be the greatest of friends. You looked at me with those big brown eyes and from that day forward, you were in my heart and I think you understood. We made a pact that day and I love being able to be there for you when you need it.

2. Your mom and I canvasing Los Angeles from one side to the other stopping in every baby boutique using you as our own precious live little dress up doll. You were a 9 month old trooper. At one point you were sucking my cheek with kisses like it was a human pacifier...and you thought you were so funny. So unbelievably cute and endearing.

3. Calling me from your crib when you were first starting to talk "em!" "em!" "em!". You knew I would save you. I would get you out of bed and in with me, since the guest bed was in the nursery. Once I had you we would snuggle up and you weren't going back to sleep, no matter what I did, but we had some of our best times in those wee early hours - laying and laughing and playing. I loved that you were so excited I was there.

4. Singing all the words to "Rudolph, The Red Nose Reindeer" in the back seat of a dark car when you were freshly 2 years old on a cold December holiday night. It was truly amazing that you were so verbal so early. (except for all our one sided phone conversations in your first 5 years)

5. Your special Bailey only visits to Malibu. Particularly the year you dropped an entire bag of flour that exploded all over the kitchen. We laughed so hard. It was like something out of a movie with the cloud of white dust that covered e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g... I loved these visits. I loved planning every special day and showing you off to everyone. I was so proud of you and loved spending time with you. I still do.

6. Your hippie chick look you sported across Legoland one day. You were so happy and probably over-sugared and completely out of your normal daily dress code. But you were having a ball. One of my favorite pictures of you ever is from this day. I will find it one day soon.

7. You gave me my name - NEM - your 5 year old derivative of Auntie M. I will never forget the day you came up to me and asked me if this was how you spelled my name...N E M. It was on a red piece of paper...and in that instant, your interpretation was perfect and I loved it all the more because it came from you and you were so proud when I told you that you spelled it perfectly. It has stuck ever since and it will always be...and it is because of you...

8. All you special birthdays - what a privilege it was to be a part of making them so special. Because you are so special. You deserved every wonderful moment. You know we either "go big or go home" - and oh we went big! From the Dolphin Craft Party, Diva Barbie Park Party, Wicked Party, Detective Party, Sisterhood of the Travelling Underpants - we loved planning every detail and loved watching you be celebrated for the wonderful girl you are. Trust me when I say the day you were born and your arrival on this planet is definitely worth a BIG celebration and nothing but the best.

9. Watching you score a goal on your non-keeping-score soccer team. I know I was not supposed to yell in celebration, but I could not help myself. To tell the truth, you brought a tear to my eye. I was so blasted happy for you!

10. Watching you dance your heart out at your Princess Night on the Town Party in your rockin' red dress complete with crown in front of an entire theater full of people and winning the "dance off" and everyone in that room loved you and your spirit for life that night.

11. Ringing in the new millennium with you. I guess it is ok to confess to you now that we actually, did it an hour early with Dick Clark so that we could go to bed - but it was midnight on the East Coast...LOL. The good news, was you could not tell time and you were so excited to be up late. We had silly hats and blow horns and special sparkling cider. But I could not think of another soul I would rather be with to start the year 2000

12. Participating in your room makeovers. From picking colors to painting to shopping for new furnishings...that gypsy purple/green room was a fantasy that served its time. I love your latest serene equine version as it is more of who you are...and oh how I love that and all the wonderful choices you have made.

13. Our wonderful Disney trips. All of them. The hundreds of memories and moments that make up that part of our history. It is a magical place and a place I have loved sharing with you over the years. I love that you can navigate any Disney Park without a map. And I love watching you make the magic for my boys too...they love you so so much.

14. I still think that seeing Wicked with you for the first time in those amazing seats is my favorite theater going experience ever. It was a magical day and we were both stunned with the brilliant spectacle that we saw. I think Wicked is my favorite musical ever. But I love all our theater experiences...and our NY theater trip. I love sharing the joy of a good show with you.

15. Watching you blossom in to a beautiful and centered young lady over the last few years. You have gone through it with beauty and grace and integrity. You have such a wonderfully calm spirit and I can't wait to see the woman you will become. And I think you are gorgeous. I look forward to the next 15 years and all the wonderful fun we will have.

I love you bunches, baby girl.


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