Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This precious one.

My little love punkin.

My snuggle bunny.

Every evening he can hardly stand to be separate from me for even a moment. From the moment I enter the room at the end of the work day, he is on my hip, snuggled up in my lap, tucked up under my chin until he just can't keep his eyes open any longer.

Thirsty for mama love. I am happy to oblige. To drink in his littleness. To smell his sweet baby hair smell. To savor these moments knowing it does not last forever. To live in. the. moment. with my sweet babes. To remember that soon he will be too busy with toddler tasks for long evenings of snuggles. Oh how I will miss it so.

Truth be told, by the end of the day, Mama is so thirsty wonderfully refreshing you are.

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