Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

OK, so it is Tuesday, but I started this on a Monday. Some days it just takes me a little longer. But not that I have been doing nothing. I have been attacking my "to do" list brutally after a fun-filled weekend with my babies and really making some progress. It feels good.

But you will have to trust me when I say the "to do's" are boring and monotonous and sometimes tedious, and not worth too much mention. But our fun? Now that is something to remember every day.

Saturday we spent the morning at the mall running a few necessary errands ending with a stop at the play place and arcade where the boys had a ball.

Does it get any better than silly faces in the funhouse mirrors?


We burned through $20 at the arcade on absolutely nothing but a great time and a royal meltdown when it was time to go to make an appointment. But before the not-so-fun melting point, we had a lot of fun tossing tokens into machines that a 2 year old could never master...except for these...these were fun...


This one gave me visions of the future I was not quite ready for...


All too soon it was time for Mack to get his lovely wavy tresses trimmed up after swarthy pirate season. This was not so pretty of a moment. Let's just say Maverick was not quite finished with the arcade...

But soon all was good in the world and with a quick trim, my GQ babe was ready to go...

Sunday, after a very early rising after the time change (ugh!), we found a new awesome fun trampoline jumping place that had Maverick going non-stop for nearly two hours. THIS was really fun watching him get his trampoline legs and then tearing it up as he always does. He proclaimed as we drove away "That was fun!"



Even Radley was throwing himself all over the he tried to run with the big dogs...


Mack & Jack

And topped everything off with a very important skill that every child should do their best to master...


So, O.K., they ultimately crawled up on the table, were sliding the puck with their hands and all in all not quite "getting it". But you have to start somewhere!!! There will be more air hockey in our future.

After a 2 hour trampoline workout the boys had a MEGA-nap and we struggled with the time adjustment which is not the funnest as a parent, ordered a pizza for dinner, danced around the living room and pretty much could not have crammed in any more fun into this weekend if we had tried.

It was a perfect family weekend and I loved it all....except the time change nonsense.

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