Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Greatest Gifts


These two. Nothing can compare. I want for nothing more in this world than their happiness...

"Measure success in smiles, pay dividends in laughter, chart revenues with wonder.
When others' ventures fail and fumble, yours will flourish.
When you are old and the home is quiet, your butterfly chasers and your dress up dreamers will have a vault of memories that will make them rich. " - Rik Cryderman

My first born...


Your great-Grandpa picked you out of all the babies in heaven, gave you the sweetest kisses and sent you to me here on earth where you invaded every corner of my heart with your precious spirit. He was very much a part of your conception and arrival and the fact you two share a birthday only solidifies my belief in my core that this is true.

I held no vision in my mind of what you would look like or who you would be. I seriously could not even imagine. But you are my wish come true. My answered prayer. Had I not been your mommy and I had seen you playing somewhere, I would have wanted my baby to be just. like. you. You are perfect for me in every way.


My miracle angel...


I am sure you were hand selected too. I am so grateful for you. Like a shot, you snuggled immediately into the deepest softest corners of my heart. You were my rock and my purpose for everything for a while before you had taken your first breath. You gave me strength that I did not know I possessed. You made us a family - a wonderful family and having you with me is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. I am so completely head over heels for you. And as I see you personality blossom as you take your place in our family, I am so excited to be the one that God has blessed with the honor to be your mama and to guide your sweet soul here on earth. And whoever sent you my way, there are not enough thanks for such a fabulous choice.


Life mission statement - new 2010 edition: "She made it special"

This is the phrase by which I make many decisions on many things concerning most things in life. As I start another year, it is good to reflect and be conscious of my intentions...and to be grateful. To hold immeasurable gratitude for the enormous and precious gifts I have been given. It is going to be a great year. Happy Birthday to me.

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