Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome Sweet November...

What wonderful Halloween goodness we had with my swarthy little band of pirates! After a brief lesson in "keep your hat on" therapy...we were rockin' the Halloween spirit!



We sucked the joy from the Halloween bones and all its festivity. We baked, we played, we trick or treated, we watched Halloween specials on TV and decorated our yard into a pumpkin-land extravaganza and most importantly, we spent it together. Now a dreaded basket of candy bars remain from overbuying this years candy after we ran out last year ...


but we delight in the squeals of joy from the kids in the neighborhood as they see our offerings of full size candy bars and that "you have the best candy on the block!!". Today we tuck away the pumpkins, pirates and bats for another year and we move on into the oh so blessed season of gratitude. Of thankfulness. And oh how much I have to be thankful for...

But first, November 1 is to remember and bank the memories of the magic of Halloween 2010.

We started with a Halloween Park Picnic in the early hours to get a good solid healthy meal in your system before the sugar mainline started....( maybe not the cheetos...but it was a picnic after all...there was salad, carrots and strawberries too)



Oh how we laughed and enjoyed the beautiful California fall day...

And this smile I get to see as he finds me across a crowded playground and runs to share his latest discovery with me just fills me up...


I caught my breath as I watched this little miracle climb a new mountain that previously eluded his capabilities... He is growing so fast...



They played and laughed brothers. They continue to make my heart swell with pride and joy as they find their way to each other as brother-friends and also how to navigate each others buttons - good and bad - but mostly good and giggly...a lesson in sharing a lonely abandoned balloon...that did not end well...for the balloon.


You both love the park so much and I love taking you there. You can burn off your endless energy and breathe fresh air and play. We spent a good 3 hours just hanging...


But soon it was time to get home and get ready for the headlining act of the day...


You two were so excited you could hardly stand the wait until the sun went night-night...And I could hardly find a way to contain the energy you both had. We played outside and enjoyed our decorations to help the time pass by.



You re-arranged the pumpkins over and over. Clearly I had them in all the wrong places. They looked so much better where you guys put them...



You popped all the bubbles you could find... and oh we had oodles and oodles of bubbles!!! Mama loves bubbles! I personally believe bubble make everything more festive and special...



You checked out our carving and painting prowess...and tried to hide under the table until I finally had to chase you two out of there as I feared a complete toppling of the pumpkin display.


And ran free until darkness started to fall...



Ring around the Rosie Big Pumpkin!!!

And then even though I lugged my camera and our video camera all the way around the block, I was so caught up in the moment as well as keeping you two from running into the street or Radley from walking into strangers homes like he owned the joint (thank the Lord for understanding neighbors!), I failed miserably to get one photo of you actually Trick or Treating. However, I can report that you said loudly and enthusiastically "Trick or Treat!!!" and also said "Thank you!" after your sweet reward was plopped into your bag. Here you are dumping the loot that was not consumed on our journey...(thank the Lord for candy from friends!)


And then the fun really got started as the masses of kids from the neighborhood came to our door for the next several hours. You two perched yourself in the window and Maverick let me know every time the kids were on the way up the driveway with a loudly proclaimed "The kids are coming!!! The kids are coming!!!"


Then you were the master of the Blow Pop Distribution and yelling "Happy Halloween!!!" to our parting guests. You were having a ball. Every time it got quiet, you asked if more kids were coming. I assured you they were.


And after the last trick or treater rang our bell, Maverick, you were a great help in pulling in all the decorations with me in the dark night and riding in the car to pull back up into the driveway as the stillness settled in over the neighborhood. There was magic lingering in the air...

As we lay together reading our book and getting ready to go to sleep and I asked you your favorite part of the day and you said "knock knock on the door and say trick or treat. Then you get candy!!!" When the emphasis on "candy". LOL. I guess that is a sign that we may need to knock on a few more doors next year.

And we will baby, we will. We will get that pumpkin as full as you want...

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