Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 24 - Love on Canvas

My most amazing and talented Uncle Darrell Mack has painted an exquisite masterpiece for my Baby Mack that we will cherish forever. This could not be more perfect for his room, his color scheme and for us as our own little duo in life. I cannot tell you how special this is and how much I LOVE, LOVE LOVE it!!! Giraffes are my favorite!

Of course trying to get Maverick to sit still long enough for a photo was quite the challenge. He is such a squirmy worm these days and has quite a bit on his adgenda at any given moment.

But he liked the painting too! The handyman is coming tomorrow to hang it up for us in a very special place near his crib among other domestic chores that I am not up to doing currently.

It is beautiful and perfect in every way. We love you bunches Uncle Darrell!!! XOXOXO

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