Sunday, March 29, 2009

March 29 - Maverick's HUGE week!!! So exciting and fun!

This is the face of a boy who has much to be proud of....He has worked hard, and finally in the span of the last 7 days or so...

He has learned to walk...

You can see his progression over the last week in this 3 minute little video I put together to document this milestone. Literally from last weekend to this one...he has come so far...Yes his diaper is half off in the first sequence...I did not notice until after I had stopped filming. But at this point last weekend he was not quite ready to let go of the this is where we started:::: (the video quality is a bit choppy/pixelated...but it says it is still processing. I may have to figure that out tomorrow....but for now, you can get the idea)

Here he is showing off his new skill to his friends and although the image is a bit blurry, that little proud-of-myself grin just gets me every time.

Celebrating with a Hi-Five!!!

And yesterday we went out and bought him his first pair of walking shoes (not counting the boots we got in January, but he hasn't actually walked in those.)

What an amazing week! What an amazing boy! It has been a very special time.

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Elizabeth said...

This video made me cry! I'm so excited for you both. I wish we could see you more often. Mack looks so happy. Love you HUGE!!