Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Color Our World...

The days are starting to get longer, warmer, fuller.

The signs of summer around our backyard are starting to appear.

And when the boys ask if they can paint on a gloriously warm and wonderful weekend morning, I can only say "why not?"

And so they paint...

And create...

I told you orange was his favorite color! But really it serves as a basecoat...

And they spend time mixing and dipping and getting really grimy and slimy. Actually, between painting, gardening and the sandbox, this turned out to be a four wardrobe change kind of day. And they paint and paint and paint. I thought we could paint our blueberry tubs from the farmer's market and make them into boats for our fountain later in the day...but Maverick did not really want to paint the tub as he was obsessed with paper that day.

But my Radley...he was into it...carefully selecting his color...

Focusing intently on the basket...and what he was doing...

And then there is that moment. Where I know what he is thinking almost before he does. I see where this is about to go. I bite my tongue. And I watch...and you can almost hear his little wheels in his brain turning..."Hmmmmm........I wonder......?"

And really it is just the beginning. Because besides the 4 changes of clothes for the day...we also took 2 baths.

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