Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Open Letter to Uncle Z

Dear Uncle Z,

We want to thank you so much for the special rubber band guns you picked out for us.

Mom thought they were cool too until she did not realize they were already loaded and Radley managed to shoot himself in the forehead pretty much immediately. He was holding it like this when he managed to do it:

I figured it out right away and thought it was awesome as I managed to hit mommy too in one of my first couple of shots! After about 10 minutes mommy was a party pooper thought that Radley would do better with the foam rocket guns in our other basket of goodies. So she took away the really cool guns, but I told her not to throw them away.

We did to play with the target and our foam guns though and that was really fun Radley dragged down his boppy from the sofa and immediately went into a sniper position.

I am not sure where he learned that from. Dude instinct, I guess. I guess I'd better be nice to him in the future. Mommy says when Radley is asleep, I can play with the "other gun".

Here are some pictures she made us take. Sorry we don't have clothes on. That happens around here sometimes. Mostly they are before we opened the box and after we switched to the foam guns. In the in between time, mommy was trying to make sure none of us put an eye out...she is always dragging down the fun. She says it's her job. We hear rumor that NEM was always fun, but she seems to have changed her ways now that we are here. But we really do love them! and you too!

Love and bullets,

PS. Radley asked if you could send him to sniper camp. He thinks he would be really good at it, but is pretty sure mommy will say "no".

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