Saturday, April 16, 2011


Where I find myself taking inventory getting ready for the months ahead...

Bubble Juice? Check.
Extra inflatable pool? Check.
Slip n Slide? Gotta get it...
Garden Planted? Check.
Paint and paper? Check.
Giant inflatable slide? Check
Lightening Bugs? Darn it all...they don't live in SoCal. Note to self to plan trip to somewhere with Lightening bugs...very very important.
Flavor-Ice pops? Add to grocery list.
Sidewalk Chalk? Check. Check. Check....check.....check.....


Summer is coming. Longer days with more time for more. Just more. More of us. More memories. More adventure. More dirt in your toes. More fun. More chances to really make some lasting impressions. Those first memories are getting in there, ya know? I am doing my best to make sure they are some good warm fuzzies down to your toes - "my childhood was awesome" ones.


Many years ago I visited a friend with a modest house in a mediocre neighborhood. Not a thought to any of that at the time, but the magic happened when we went out to the backyard. It was magic. Attention to the smallest details. Beauty and art abounded. Just breathtaking. And from that day forward I wanted my backyard to be own personal shangrila. And though there may be an excess of sun-faded toys and chalk and paint stained furniture, it is so incredibly important that this yard be our haven. Our place of wonder and exploration. A place that is beautiful...even around the plastic Toys-R-US-exploded playthings that litter it all.

My own Shangri-la. The motto by which I make every back yard decision. Will what I want to do add to the magic? Add to the beauty? Can memories happen here?

So far the answer is a resounding yes.

Magical and mesmerizing Andrew Carson wind sculptures...

Rockin' Playgym...



Grass that you can run in barefoot with no fear of stickers...


And us...

Our whatever name it is Magic, I tell ya, just magic...

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