Monday, April 11, 2011

Open House

And yet another one of those crazy oh-my-goodness "firsts" came our way last week. And I am sure it is not "that big a deal" for many. Perhaps I am moved from a place that I was not sure I was ever going to get this opportunity myself. But not surprisingly, I found myself misting up as we entered the gate and could feel the excitement and energy of the school at night.

Our first open house. And oh what a celebration of learning and creativity it was. He was so proud of all his projects and I was most impressed with how fun and clever all their activities were. It was such a rush to see him interact with his teachers and search out "his" project among the cluster of precisely scribbled and colored pages.

One thing I did love is that they had a heavy emphasis on photos of the children while at school.


And it was bittersweet to see how much blasted fun he has those hours we are apart. Yet, thrilling that he is doing great. Wait...better than great....he is thriving!

Everything on here is true except his favorite color. Really his favorite color is orange...unless it is a lollipop and then it is cherry red like his momma. Trust

It was wonderful to see him weaving himself into his little preschool community. To have the other kids say hi to him and call him by name...even if he does not yet remember all their names. But we are working on "Hi, I'm Mack, What is your name? Do you wanna be friends?"


Radley spent most of his time here:
and let me just say, if you don't want them to touch it, don't put it at their level....That is all I have to say about that. He might have eaten his weight in cheese and crackers. I am not really sure as I was just thrilled that it kept him occupied long enough for me to really look around and have Maverick show me all his "school work".

And even more surprising is that out of the dozen or so projects they did I only kept 4. The ones I could tell, he really put some effort into. And even better they had most of them all laminated and ready to be put into his special Mack book once they serve an appropriate amount of time decorating our home like no other piece of art can. I smile everytime I look at them. Then they will move to the Mack Book. A book of treasures. A book like I have kept for the girls from the days they were little. And it brings me such joy to occasionally look through and remember...

And I will remember this day for a long long house. Wow.

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