Monday, April 25, 2011

Of Bunnies & Blessings

The bunny has landed. But there will be no pictures of the creepy mall Easter bunny. I really have a strong dislike for the mall bunny. The closest we got was a wave from the 2nd story when i had to make an unscheduled trip to the Apple store to replace my iphone that was stolen recently.

I had to quickly fashion a 2nd bunny ear hat like the one Mack made in school as it resulted in quite the tug of war for brother. Unfortunately little brother knew that it was not the same and was not very happy...however you can see how smug Maverick is having won this round...

First school Easter treats paired with other experiences like chocolate dipped matzo. I love the diversity in LA. I don't think I ever heard the word matzo before I was in my 20's. Never mind recognition of all traditions/religions/celebrations in our Baptist belt school bubble.

Maverick and his easter basket he made at school and the eggs he found "by the house, in the fence and in the sand and the grass"

Sharing his matzo with brother...
Radley was waaaay into the matzo...or it may have been the chocolate...

The last of the egg dye is starting to fade from under our fingernails. But oh how I love to dye easter eggs. I love using clear cups so you can see the vibrant just make egg so gosh darn fun!

I heard this year from someone who dyes her boiled eggs for fun year round to know which are boiled and which are raw in her fridge. I may have to pick up some 75% off color tabs just so I can do it more often... I like that idea...

Radley concentrated hard painting the ceramic eggs I had for them to decorate while they waited for the dye to take hold...

I tried to make a "golden" egg...but not so much.

It was just so much fun. I remember being a kid and my grandfathers house stove bubbling away with dozens and dozens of eggs for all the grandkids. I am not sure why I find decorating the eggs so satisfying...But I do. I just know when the boys are old enough, I will still have my "own" dozen to get as dark and jewel toned as I can without those little impatient monkeys so anxious to rip them out of the dye after 5 seconds.... This year we had a record 7 1/2 dozen...of which about 6+ dozen actually survived boiling, the early eating and the accidental smashing while decorating...
He looks so old to me in that last photo...getting so big and tall after a recent growth spurt...

We made the classic 1973 Bakers Coconut Easter Bunny cut up cake. Oh how I loved that silly little cut up book! Many a birthday plan was spent pouring over the different options out there trying to decide which cake I wanted that year. Ours may not have been perfect...but when decorated in its entirety by kids under is what you get. And it was more about how many jelly beans they could eat anyway!
Within moment of was slaughtered.

There were carrots...

And we dug our hands in the dirt planting more melons & tomatoes which did not survive toddler playtime...

We played and played and played...this one was taken about 5 minutes before that cute little blonde kid ended up under that pool...

Picnics with Bunny shaped egg salad sandwiches. And brother teaching other brother how to drink from your juice box without a straw. Which will come in real handy for all those boxes I have that are missing their straw!

Easter treats from Aunt Jen & a special present from Uncle Z...

And that was just the week leading up to the big day. Next up...Easter Day 2011...

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